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Who Believes In Ghosts? | True Ghost Stories
Oct 2, 2019 · 39 min
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Who believes in ghosts? For some, it takes a compelling supernatural experience that almost flips a switch in their minds, confirming that the unimaginable is in fact possible. For others, belief in ghosts is simply a fact of life. A force to be respected and believed. Today we hear the story of a skeptic turned believer, on the world of ghosts. 
What does it take for this person to believe in ghosts? How many experiences do they encounter before fully understanding and believing that the spirit world is very real? We examine their story, piece by piece as they walk us through a series of paranormal events that made them believe in ghosts. 

Today on Real Ghost Stories Online, we hear the story of the cursed land. A plot of land that should be, just that. A plot of land. What went on in the confines of this space many years prior still seem to have a resounding effect on the living today. A strange noise, dark forces tormenting the living and much more push one group of people to their breaking point. It's not hard to understand why this family believes the land they lived on, was cursed.
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