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Do Ghosts Come Out On Halloween?
Sep 3, 2019 · 39 min
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Do ghosts come out on Halloween? That is the question that people have been asking for generations? A night that is dedicated to all things “spooky” would certainly make one think that ghosts are real. However, are you more likely to see a ghost on Halloween over other nights of the year? With true ghost stories coming out a year-long, why would a ghost pick such an “obvious” night to show itself? Wouldn’t it want to pick a night where it would get more attention to itself and be less “expected”. 
Today we hear the story of a haunted Halloween night. A night that some will never forget because they discover that ghosts are real, and they do come out at night. Halloween night! It my put to rest the question of, do ghosts come out on Halloween, once and for all. 
On today's episode: 
Were spirits drawn in by a small flame?
One group of friends live to tell the story of a Halloween night they will never forget.
Is it a ghost or an elusive roommate that lurks in the shadow of an old apartment?

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