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Do Ghosts Like The Dark? | True Ghost Stories
Aug 27, 2019 · 39 min
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Do ghosts like the dark? When we hear a ghost story, it almost always takes place after dark or in the dark. Once the lights have turned off and the sun has gone down, the breeding ground of the supernatural seems to spring to life. Why is it that ghosts seem to prefer the comfort of the darkness to make themselves known? Would we feel any better about them if they were to show themselves in the light of day? These are questions that many of us have when it comes to better understanding the world of the paranormal. Why do ghosts like the dark? Today we hear several stories of ghosts coming out at night.
On today's episode: 
A mothers connection to the other side brings many spirits into a family’s life.
What was the source of the fingerprints left on a women’s arm late at night?

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