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What Do Ghosts Want? | Real Hauntings and Ghost Stories
Aug 21, 2019 · 37 min
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What do ghosts want? This is a question that many have contemplated for centuries. Are ghosts out for revenge, do they want to get a personal message across to a loved one? Or could ghosts just simply be lingering around the areas they know and love with no way to escape? There may never be a clear answer to the question “What do ghosts want?”, but we can certainly guess. On today’s episode, we hear multiple chilling stories about ghosts and their needs and wants. 
On today's episode: 
A home that should have been a safe escape from an abusive relationship, only makes things worse. 
What do you do when you discover it's not the dogs making the noises at night?
What does the dark figure who kneels and stares at a woman late at night want?

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