The Power of a Compliment
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​There is power in giving a compliment. Words of affirmation will build a positive emotional climate in your relationship.

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Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith
Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith
Sarah Young
It’s Not Where You’ve Been, But Where You’re Going: Tana Amen & The Women from Jobs Partnership
Have you ever wished you’d made a different choice? Or imagined how different your life might have been if you’d taken a different path? No matter how bleak things might have been at one point, God can take your story and use it for good, and He can point you on the right path to healing. Nurse and author Tana Amen experienced more pain and chaos in her life than one person should ever have to face. She shoved all of the hurt deep down inside, building a façade to convince others she was okay, when she actually was about to crack. When she met her future husband, Dr. Daniel Amen, Tana learned some ways to heal herself and was loved so well by Daniel (and by God) that she began to find the restoration she so desperately needed. It was in that time that she realized God cares way more about where you’re going than where you’ve been. Cheryl Parks, Mila Brown, and Corday Rice join us from the Jobs Partnership organization in Peoria, Illinois, which seeks to help people transition from a life of incarceration back into society as healthy, healed individuals. These women share how they’ve seen the power of God operating in their lives, and how He rescued them from situations where they couldn’t escape of their own power. Now, they’re passionate about sharing about their pasts in hopes that they can change the lives of others the way they’ve been changed by God. Links, Products, and Resources Mentioned: Jesus Calling Podcast Jesus Calling book Sarah Young Jesus Always book Jesus Calling for First Responders editions Past interview: Dr. Daniel Amen Past interview: Rebecca Bender Upcoming interview: Rick Steves Tana Amen Dr. Daniel Amen Amen Clinics Leave It to Beaver Thyroid cancer 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 EMDR Jobs Partnership organization Cheryl Parks Jobs Partnership Reentry Interview Quotes: “If I only took fifty percent responsibility, it meant someone or something else had the other fifty percent. It meant I wasn't really in control. It wasn't me just relying on God. It was like me giving up control and being a victim.” - Tana Amen “What I learned is that when I put myself out there and helped when I didn't want to, I just had no idea how much the help was for them, but the healing was for me.” - Tana Amen “I think it's important to draw boundaries, but also understand when God's calling you to do something.” - Tana Amen “God cares less about where you've been than where you're going. And I'm so grateful for that grace and that mercy.” - Tana Amen “I feel like my life is so much better today not in spite of my struggles, but because of them.” - Tana Amen “Meditation is when I listen to God and I listen for what He's saying to me. And prayer is when I'm talking to God and I tell Him my joy, my frustration, everything that there is, and I get it out of my head and it just really stills my soul and it's so helpful.” - Tana Amen “If my story can help anybody, one person, I've done what I needed to do.” - Mila Brown “The whole time that I was incarcerated, in my mind, I'm like, God, where am I going to go? I know no one. I have nobody. I have no family, no friends. No one has reached out to me for the four and a half years that I have been incarcerated. What am I going to do?” - Corday Rice “People say that change is scary, but change is good.” - Corday Rice “It was good to have women just look at me and just say that, “I love you.” And they didn't even know me. So I knew right then and there that that could only be the love of God that's working through them in the Jobs Partnership program.” - Corday Rice “I feel like God knew that I didn't have the strength to get out of the situation that I was in, so He forced my hand.” - Mila Brown ________________________ Enjoy watching these additional videos from Jesus Calling YouTube channel: Audio Playlist: Video Playlist: What’s Good? Playlist: ________________________ Connect with Jesus Calling Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube Jesus Calling Website
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The Thriving Christian Artist
The Thriving Christian Artist
Matt Tommey: Artist, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Artist Mentor
217 - Sing with Colour Revisited: A Conversation with Kate Green
My guest today is back for a return visit here to the Thriving Christian Artist Podcast. Kate Green as a fabulous painter from Great Britain who also happens to be a member of my Created to Thrive Mentoring Group. In this interview, Kate shares what’s been happening in her life and art since we last chatted back in episode 33. As her art business has continued to grow, God has continued the transforming work in her life and has begun to open additional doors of opportunity to her both in her city and in her country. Now, I can't wait for you to hear Kate’s story but more importantly, I want to invite you to join us for my Artist Rise Up Masterclass that’s going on right now. It’s the perfect way to connect with God’s heart for creatives in our generation. The Masterclass is free, but you’ll need to register so you can get reminders, downloads, and access to all the course videos inside the private Facebook group. Click Here to Sign Up for Artists Rise Up Ok, enjoy the podcast! You can connect with Kate and learn more about her art by visiting, Connect with Matt online at or on Instagram and Facebook @thethrivingchristianartist Get encouraged and connect with other artists on the Thriving Christian Artist Facebook Page Support the show (
29 min
Dr. Caroline Leaf
The difference between being patient vs. enabling toxic behavior + how to become a super self-regulator
***Pre-order my new book Cleaning up Your Mental Mess here & get access to exclusive pre-order bonuses like a workbook, bonus chapters and more: Sign up to join my free text program and receive mental health care tips. Just text DRLEAF to 1 (833) 285 3747 SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I discuss the difference between enabling and empowering someone. I also discuss how learning to self-regulate your emotions and thinking can help you enforce and enact effective boundaries, and how my 5 step NeuroCycle can help you become a super self-regulator! Read the show blog here: SPECIAL OFFERS FROM OUR SPONSORS: Huzzah (The most delicious, low sugar seltzers that are filled with probiotics for optimal gut and brain health!). Get 20% off your order with the code DRLEAF at Ritual (My favorite multivitamin—simple, clean, and backed by science!): To get 10% off your first three months of Ritual multivitamins see: PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: 5:03 What is the difference between enabling and empowering? 9:40 What is empowerment, and how can you empower a loved one and help them on their healing journey? 10:00 Why compassion can lead to empowerment OR enablement, if we are not careful 10:53 Why emotions are complicated and can lead to “messy” relationships 11:33 How do you say “no”? 12:00 How to mind manage your relationships with the Neurocycle 13:30 How the Neurocycle can help you make wiser choices and recognize the difference between enabling and empowering 18:50 Why we need to listen to and learn from our emotions and feelings, even the uncomfortable ones! 33:39 Why you cannot fix other people’s problems for them 35:10 How to empower those you love ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: -Get my new brain detox app SWITCH on sale now! Get 50% off a 3 month subscription. Just visit: -Visit my website at for more free resources -Instagram: @drcarolineleaf: -Facebook: Dr. Caroline Leaf: -Twitter: @drcarolineleaf: -Youtube: If you enjoyed this episode please leave a 5 review on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you are listening! And don't forget to subscribe and share this podcast with friends and family! I love seeing your posts on social media! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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Christian Podcast Community
Christian Podcast Community
Christian Podcast Community - Striving for Eternity
Charles Spurgeon: The Good Samaritan
Troy and Joel got to interview the current curator of the Spurgeon Library at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and ask him about Charles Spurgeon's life. Dr. Geoff Chang of the Spurgeon Library did a wonderful job telling us about Spurgeon's life and also narrated this week's episode of Revived Thoughts (he also selected the sermon!). The stories about Spurgeon's time at the orphanage are a must listen! Make sure to watch the full video on our Facebook page or on our website! Links below This sermon from Charles Spurgeon challenges us to look at the story of the Good Samaritan and really ask ourselves if we would do what he did. Spurgeon calls out the tough conditions of his time. Check out the Spurgeon Library and the work they are doing by bringing Spurgeon's last sermons out to the public. You can click the link here to learn more about them. We are now partnered with ServeNow! If you would like to give to their ministry that gives bikes to pastors in rural areas around the world so that they can spread the Gospel, please check out their website and their new book: Hope Rising. If you'd like to join the premium team go to our Patreon If you'd like to narrate a sermon, send us an email at And if you enjoy the show, sharing with friends and a 5 star rating on Apple Podcasts! Facebook Instagram MeWe Twitter Youtube Revived Thoughts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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