At The Rotterdam
At The Rotterdam
Two old friends talk finance, money, and investing, every Friday. The Rotterdam was a popular, downtown Toronto, Canada pub known for its extensive European beer selection. It was the perfect place for two rookies working for a large, US investment dealer to hang out after work on Fridays and discuss the capital markets. The discussion continues today on our podcast, with more perspective. We will tackle a new topic each week and try to keep the sessions shorter than thirty minutes. There seems to be an unprecedented amount of crisis news in current headlines. Our podcast explains why those who ignore history and react to noise typically have poor investment results. Always challenging but historically important, the stock, bond, currency, crypto and derivatives markets provide a unique look at human economic behavior. Jeff and Rasheed are not macro “talking heads” selling theory as fact. Rather than making short-term calls, we seek to simplify, clarify and discuss the financial markets from an honest theoretical and historical perspective. Importantly, our views come from our personal wide and deep experiences in the field. We hope that you enjoy the discussions. Please feel free to use the links to send comments or questions. HOSTS: Rasheed Saleuddin holds a PhD in Financial History from Cambridge University where he remains a fellow after completing his post-doc. He also holds an MSc in regulation from the London School of Economics. Rasheed was the founder and manager of a specialized distressed investment fund from 2008-2018, and he continues to be a professional angel venture investor and consultant.  Dr. Saleuddin has authored two well-received books, The Government of Markets, dealing with the creation of modern futures markets and Regulating Securitized Products, a Post Crisis Guide, defining the risks that emerged during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Jeffrey Sandler is a retired portfolio manager with a large US investment firm’s Canadian subsidiary. He  previously managed large divisions for two Canadian, bank-owned investment dealers.  Jeffrey has been a frequent guest on radio shows and other media outlets for many years where he commented on the capital markets, usually during times of market unrest. Prior to entering the investment industry, he worked in broadcasting covering crime and business.
At The Rotterdam
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