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Mar 9, 2020
Our Deadly Devotion to Guns and Free Speech with Mary Anne Franks - Episode 29
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Mary Anne Franks, Professor of Law and Dean’s Distinguished Scholar, teaches criminal law, criminal procedure, First Amendment law, Second Amendment law, family law, and Law, Policy, and Technology. Professor Franks is also an Affiliated Faculty member of the University of Miami Department of Philosophy. She also serves as the President and Legislative & Tech Policy Director of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating online abuse and discrimination. In today’s episode, Kathryn Rubino talks with Mary Ann about her recent book The Cult of the Constitution: Our Deadly Devotion to Guns and Free Speech. Enjoy!


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Episode Highlights

  • Her recent book - 1:33
  • Being a Law Professor - 2:03
  • Her experience with Legal teaching - 3:40
  • More justice for everyone - 4:20
  • How she decided to write her book - 4:45
  • What's the cult of the Constitution? - 6:06
  • The nature of our Constitution - 7:40
  • The founders of our Constitution - 8:34
  • About slavery - 9:45
  • The rights for women and minorities - 13:47
  • The idea of Constitutional fundamentalist - 14:10
  • Talking about the Second Amendment - 14:55
  • Her thoughts about fundamentalists on free speech - 20:42
  • Abuse, women, privacy, and law - 21:50
  • Freedom and liberty of expression can not be separated - 22:18
  • Liberty of expression and abuse - 22:48
  • The idea of libertarianism - 24:04
  • The dynamics of power and free speech - 24:42


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