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The Jabot
Feb 26, 2021
Helping Biglaw Get Better About Diversity with Laura Leopard - Episode 50
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Kathryn talks with Laura Leopard, founder, and CEO of Leopard Solutions. They talk about Leopard's recently rolled out ethnic diversity data in your law firm index and why it’s vital for the legal industry, they discuss the state of gender and ethnic diversity within the top 200 law firms in the US and the biggest takeaways from that work. They also talk about the newly launched Law Firm Transparency Directory and about transparency generally and why it’s so important to improve the legal industry. Laura also notes what data can raise a red flag for prospective employees — either from a law firm health perspective or something about a firm’s culture.

Episode Resources

  • Laura Leopard
  •  Episode Highlights
  • Leopard Solutions and its place in the legal industry - 1:22
  • The driving force behind creating this company - 2:36
  • Law firms online for the first time - 3:34
  • The availability of data for more people - 4:00
  • What represents the data in the legal industry - 5:15
  • What’s going on in the industry - 7:22
  • How data is collected and what’s important - 9:25
  • Firms that are losing money - 11:53
  • It all begins and ends with data - 12:48
  • The lack of innovation and transparency - 14:22
  • Building diversity numbers - 16:21
  • Using data in a good way - 18:09
  • Having a good diversity score - 19:31
  • Women in law firms - 20:42
  • Transparency leads to better decisions - 23:31
  • Make recruiting more successful - 25:08
  • What would be a big red flag - 26:21
  • A more transparent data - 27:24

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