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The Jabot
Aug 29, 2019
Women’s Relationships with Other Women at Work Can Be Difficult with Andrea S. Kramer and Al Harris - Episode 21
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Andrea (Andie) S. Kramer has a sophisticated and unique multidisciplinary legal practice that covers all aspects of financial transactions and derivatives: with a focus on taxation, regulation, contract design, trading operations, and documentation. She and Al Harris are lawyers and the authors of “It’s Not You, It’s your Workplace”. They talk about their book that offers a fresh approach to understanding why women’s relationships with other women at work can be difficult. Andie and Al challenge the positions that women are inherently nasty back-stabbers who cannot get along with each other. Stay tuned and enjoy! 


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Episode Highlights

  • Andie and Al's background - 1:52
  • Being married -  2:52
  • Stereotypes and women in work - 4:04
  • Hating working with women? - 12:16
  • Women do not get along well with other women - 5:58
  • Complex relationships in the workplace - 6:48
  • No evidence that women are mean - 8:17
  • It's not women, it's the workplace - 9:04
  • What is a gendered workplace? - 9:27
  • Gender and workplaces - 12:16
  • Stereotypes about women and social identities - 12:44
  • Not me distinctive in expectations or race - 14:55
  • What do we need to do? - 17:29
  • Gendered workplaces - 18:20
  • We need a new approach: diversity and inclusion training - 19:00
  • Being prepared to try - 24:30
  • The objective is to understand the other person - 25:03
  • It’s not about you, it’s about understanding the other person - 25:32


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