625 - Why Smoking is Easier Than Working Out
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In this episode, we look at why smoking is so much easier than working out. 

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The Problem

We all know the “right” things to do. If you want to lose weight, eat better and exercise. If you want to get out of debt, live below your means and save your money. If you want to improve your relationship, create lines of open communication with each other.

Chances are if you have a goal for your life you are also FULLY aware of how to accomplish it. And even if you aren’t 100% positive on the exact formula, you at least know what direction to go in.

And even more, let’s pretend that you have a goal and have absolutely no idea at all how to accomplish it. There are plenty of resources like this podcast, google, or books to help you out.

My point is that we have absolutely no problem figuring out what to do to make progress.

Digging Deeper

Researchers over the years have come up with a reliable theory on how habits are formed. We’ve discussed this in past episodes but as a bit of a refresher, a habit requires 3 things in order to be created.

First it needs a trigger, this is the external thing that your behavior is responding to. Second it needs a behavior, this is the core activity of the habit, finally it needs some kind of reward.

Once the trigger happens, if we take the behavior our brains use a process called Myelination to reinforce the circuitry responsible. This allows the response to the initial trigger to become much faster. We essentially become more efficient in order to use less energy the next time.

The Solution

Honestly this is a difficult question to answer. There is no way to get results from the gym faster. There is no way to reduce the pleasures of engaging in bad habits.

Since we can’t change this dynamic between good habits and bad habits there is really only one thing we can do. Accept that building good habits is going to suck. Like seriously suck. And it sucks for a reason, your brain wants there to be a clear reward from that activity. That’s how it tricks you into doing it. If you work out for long enough you will start to feel that reward in the release of neurochemicals. You’ll start to see that reward in your body. But you’ve gotta make it to that point before you can take advantage of it.

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Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success & Happiness
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