Parenting Tips That Have Made My Life & My Marriage Easier | Ep. 449
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Today we are talking all about parenting tips. Parenting can be a major marriage tension or a major distraction for a lot of marriages. Today Dr. Kim and Christina take some time to share tips that have made our life easier and our marriages better for each stage of parenting.


We pray this episode is helpful to you and your marriage! 

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Marriage After God
Marriage After God
Aaron & Jennifer Smith
How To Delight In The Lord and Your Spouse
Take the FREE Marriage Prayer Challenge. READ TRANSCRIPT [Jennifer] Welcome to the Marriage After God podcast. [Aaron] We're your hosts. I'm Aaron. [Jennifer] And I'm Jennifer. [Aaron] We've been married for 14 years. [Jennifer] And we have five young children. [Aaron] We started blogging over 10 years ago, sharing our marriage story in hopes of encouraging other husbands and wives to draw closer to God and closer to each other. [Jennifer] We have authored over 10 books together, including our newest book, "Marriage After God," the book that inspired us to start this podcast. [Aaron] "Marriage After God" is a message to remind all of us that God designed marriage with a purpose. [Jennifer] To reflect His love. [Aaron] To be a light in this world. [Jennifer] To work together as a team. [Aaron] Using what He has given us. [Jennifer] To build His kingdom. [Aaron] Our hope is to encourage you along your marriage journey. [Jennifer] As you boldly chase after God together. [Aaron] This is Marriage After God. [Aaron] Welcome back, we're Aaron and Jennifer Smith, your hosts of the Marriage After God podcast. We have a fun topic for you today. A light one and we think you're gonna enjoy it. We're excited to share it with you all. And hopefully it inspires you in your relationship with God and your spouse. [Jennifer] Yeah, before we jump into it, which we'll do shortly, Some of my closest girlfriends were praying recently for the men in our life, husbands, fathers- Thank you. [Jennifer] You're welcome. Just really wanting to lift up our men who are leading our families. Also, bearing the weight of care for everything that's been going on in our nation, in our world, because just by nature they're protectors, providers, it's on their mind, and we care about them. And so as they consider everything that's going on and how it will impact the family, and how they navigate it with us, we just felt concern to bring them before the Lord and pray for them. And I just love that we had the opportunity to do that. But with that, I wanted to also say Aaron and I want to recognize that there's just a lot going on right now. And I mean, we're only a few weeks into 2021 and it's already been historical and I'm not talking about just the memes. That's not funny. I thought it was funny. The memes are pretty historical. [Jennifer] Aaron was just sharing some with me. [Aaron] And hysterical. [Jennifer] No, anyways, this is serious. Just this first part's kinda serious. Because Aaron and I, just like you guys, we get to navigate what's going on in the world around us and respond to it. But because we also have an online presence and this platform of a podcast, we wrestle with questions like, hey, are we gonna address that thing that happened? Do people wanna hear our opinions? Does God want us to speak to that issue? And it's just, I know for me personally it's a lot, but we do wrestle. [Aaron] Yeah. It's not something that we just pretend isn't going on. But I think what we've landed on is that the most important message is that of Jesus Christ and drawing people back to the Word of God. Would you agree? [Jennifer] Absolutely. Yeah, and the reason that I wanted to share this is just so you guys know our hearts is that we are navigating and wrestling those things and you don't see all of those things happening. And so I thought it'd be nice just to address it and let you know that we are watching, we are praying, we know that there's husbands and wives out there who are impacted by some of the current events that are happening, whether it be political, or a natural disaster, or any sort of crisis. We know that those things are happening. However, like Aaron just mentioned, we're gonna stick to the things that God has purposed in front of us and the stories and the experiences and the things that we can speak to in His truth to encourage you, because that's what we created this podcast for is to encourage you guys. [Aaron] Well, and I would reiterate that we firmly believe that the Word of God, that walking with the Lord, is the response to whatever is going on. We talk about it in the platform of marriage and that aspect of life, but it's not like your job and politics and your marriage and your parenting and your friends and your church are all separate things in boxes that get dealt with differently. We deal with it all the exact same way. Now, that doesn't mean that we have all the answers, but what it does mean is we know who does, and we know who to run to, and we know what the Word of God says. The Bible is the eternal Word of God. It's living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, cutting through to the bone and marrow. It discerns the hearts of men. So that's what our mission is, like you said last episode, Jennifer, is our ministry is to the church. Now we have ministries outside of that as well, but our main one pretty much for our whole marriage and life has been ministering to believers. And so in these times, we're not the ones equipped to bring up political commentary. We're trying to be equipped to bring up what the Word of God says and encourage you in that. [Jennifer] Now, being a marriage podcast and knowing that Aaron and I, we struggle and navigate some of these things, we can speak to really quickly and encourage those who are watching the news or experiencing these things happening and unfolding. So can we quickly just dive in for maybe a minute or two, how can a husband and wife- [Aaron] Process. [Jennifer] Process and navigate these things as a couple? [Aaron] Well, what we could do, what our flesh probably wants to do, is get anxious, break down, feel overwhelmed. These are the natural responses to things that are out of our control. [Jennifer] Or confusion. [Aaron] Yeah, confusion or anger even. But you know what? The Bible addresses all of those things. And I think, well, we can do one thing is we can share the things that we're coming across and that are giving us anxieties. [Jennifer] Like if I'm reading the news and something just strikes a chord in my heart and I can't let it go, like it's just sitting with me, I can bring that to you and say, "Hey, I've really been thinking about this. It's kind of consuming my mind, can you- [Aaron] Pray for me. [Jennifer] Pray for me or help explain it to me or whatever I need in that moment. [Aaron] And that's what we're supposed to do is bear each other's burdens. So communicating about it, not just holding it in, not just saying, "If I bring that up, it's gonna cause something," or, "I can't talk about that," but like going to your spouse, going to your church, and just saying, "Hey, I'm dealing with something about this thing that I saw, or this thing that I heard, or what's going on in the world." [Jennifer] Another thing that you can do that we do is commit to praying for the things that you see and hear. Don't just scroll past it, don't let your heart become desensitized to it. [Aaron] Which is a good encouragement for me because, I mean, I haven't had social media on my phone for a little bit, but when I did, I would see something going on in the world and I'd be like, "Oh, that's horrible," and then I'd scroll right past it. Bummer it, yeah. [Aaron] But stopping and saying, "I can't be there, I can't like physically help, but I can pray. And I know that I know a God that can help and has a plan for this," that's good. Something that would be really helpful probably for the entire world is to take breaks away from consuming the news. Right? [Jennifer] Yeah. I would say even in today's era of the way the internet works is even taking a break from actively engaging. If you're one of those people that leaves comments and dives in right away, hit the pause button, be slow to speak, be slow to dive into those things until you've wrestled and processed with God, with your husband, with your family, and get your heart right. [Aaron…
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The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast
The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast
Kate Anthony, CPCC
Breaking Free of Trauma Bonds with Gwynn Raimondi
The topic of trauma bonds is one of the biggest conversations that circulate within my Facebook group and also with clients. In fact, it is one of the biggest obstacles women tackle as they extricate themselves from a toxic relationship. So this week, I am bringing back my friend Gwynn Raimondi to talk all about trauma bonds. Gwynn is a writer, Trauma Support Practitioner, Relational Systems Explorer, and the creator of the Trauma-Informed Embodiment™ modality. The typical advice given to those breaking free from toxic relationships is to go no contact. Unfortunately, if you are a parent, going no contact isn’t an option. You don’t have the luxury of doing that when you share children with the person you have a trauma bond with. In this episode, Gwynn helps us understand what a trauma bond is and how you can set healthy boundaries in order to break free. Show Highlights * What are trauma bonds and how do we recognize them? Plus, the two definitions of trauma bonds. (8:12) * How trauma bonds are formed within long-term abusive partnerships. (9:07) * The reason you can’t heal from trauma bonds on your own and why you don’t go to therapy with an abuser. (13:52) * How to break free from a trauma bond. (21:40) * The basics of what a healthy relationship should look like. (31:24) Learn More About Gwynn: Gwynn is a writer, Trauma Support Practitioner, Relational Systems Explorer and the creator of the Trauma Informed Embodiment™ modality. She specializes in complex (childhood, relational, & attachment based) traumas, grief, embodiment, and their intersections. She has written extensively over the last several years about many different types of trauma and the ways they impact our relationships. She offers online groups and programs periodically throughout the year, as well as works with individual clients via Zoom. Resources & Links: Gwynn on Instagram Gwynn on Facebook Gwynn’s newsletter Gwynn’s Current Workshops and Offerings Rhian Lockard on Divorce Survival Guide Big Little Lies FAYR App The Ultimate Divorce Survival Guide Should I Stay or Should I Go Facebook Group
52 min
Sex Chat for Christian Wives
Sex Chat for Christian Wives
Bonny Burns, Gaye Christmus, J Parker, and Chris Taylor
Overcoming Boredom in the Bedroom
With people staying home more than ever these days, monotony is overwhelming our lives. However, there is one area of your life than can certainly move from monotonous to mind-blowing with just a few simple changes. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about boredom in the bedroom and what can be done to generate more passion in your experience. * What can lead to boredom in the bedroom? * What can a wife do to move toward more energy, excitement, interest, and pleasure in the bedroom? * What is boredom possibly masking? * What are some possible solutions if there are deeper issues? Sponsor CLICK HERE TO SHOP OR LEARN MORE! Specific products mentioned in the show: * Sugar Sak Vibrator Storage (pink satin bag) * Liberator Decor Fascinator Throw * Liberator Wedge Sex Pillow Positioning Aid FAITHFUL COUNSELING Save 10% on your first month! Sponsor links are affiliate links, with purchases providing a small commission to our podcast. From the Bible What does God have to say about boredom in the bedroom? There the mandrakes give off their fragrance, and the finest fruits are at our door, new delights as well as old, which I have saved for you, my lover. Song of Songs 7:13 Resources * The Macaroni and Cheese Lesson: Stepping Your Toes Outside Your Comfort Zone | The Forgiven Wife * How Sex is Like Peanut Butter (for the low-libido spouse) | Bonny's Oysterbed7 * The Coconut Cake of Marriage and Sexual Intimacy | Calm.Healthy.Sexy. * He Doesn't Wanna, But I Do! Be the Brownie | Hot, Holy & Humorous * How to Feel More Sensual | Calm.Healthy.Sexy. * Sensual Massage with Essential Oils | Calm.Healthy.Sexy. * Episode 95: How Does Depression Affect Sex? | Sex Chat for Christian Wives * Create the Exciting Sex Life That Wives Want | Hot, Holy & Humorous - with guest Ruth Buezis * 3 Benefits of Sexual Adventure | Honeycomb & Spice * 2019 Webinar Series | Sex Chat for Christian Wives * 2020 Webinar Series | Sex Chat for Christian Wives Visit our website:
24 min
Sex, Love, and Addiction
Sex, Love, and Addiction
Robert Weiss, PhD, MSW
What is the Concept of ‘Home’, Really?
Dr. Rob does a solo episode this week to talk about the concept of home and what it means to us and how it differs from people who aren’t addicts. No matter where you are, home is meant to be a safe place, but for addicts, it’s a place we run away from. If you grew up in an environment where home was hell, then it makes sense why you never want to go back there. Dr. Rob discusses how you can rebuild and really find ‘HOME’. TAKEAWAYS: [1:45] Let’s talk about the concept of home. [2:30] Why do addicts keep running away from home? [4:20] Home is not what kind of furniture you have or what kind of car you drive, or your computer. Home is the people you come home to or that place where you feel like you’re at peace. [4:50] If you have an intimacy disorder, you’re not going to be able to maintain the home you’ve created for yourself as an adult. [5:30] We deeply love the homes we create, but we’re broken people and we’re unable to stay there. [6:25] The minute something goes wrong, we run away. We live double lives. [7:10] While you’re starving for connection, behind you there is a banquet waiting for you. [10:45] We often don’t see what’s right in front of us. [15:10] It makes sense why you want to run away from home. If you grow up in a nightmare, why would you want to stay there as an adult? [18:00] Going ‘home’ for the holidays was just a crazy concept. Home was a scary and unsafe place. [22:30] You can only have one life. Do you want to spend it just running away from everything that’s important to you? [23:00] How can we make home a joyful and exciting place to be? [25:30] When we get caught for our bad behavior, home ends up being another unsafe place for us. But this time, instead of running away, you need to fight your way back to it. [26:55] It’s taken Dr. Rob years to stop running. [29:10] How do you find and rebuild connection again? [32:00] Your life is going to change for the better. Just put in the work. [33:25] The most important word is ‘Home’. RESOURCES: The Porn Panic: Is Porn a ‘Public Health Crisis’? Sex and Relationship Healing @RobWeissMSW Sex Addiction 101 Seeking Integrity Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addiction in Gay Men Prodependence: Moving Beyond Codependency QUOTES: * “Home is the most sacred place in our lives, no matter what kind of foundation that means for us.” * “What addicts and those who cheat and/or are unfaithful do, we leave home like everybody else, but then we never come back.” * “The nature of an intimacy disorder means you’re constantly running away from home. Constantly looking for intensity and distractions because you can’t deal with home.” * “Healthy people don’t have to live a double life.”
35 min
Delight Your Marriage | Sexual Intimacy, Relationship Advice, & Christianity
Delight Your Marriage | Sexual Intimacy, Relationship Advice, & Christianity
Belah Rose | Author, Podcaster, & Marital Intimacy Enthusiast
275-Wives, Organize Your Lives for Passion
Sex motivates us to be the men and women He wants us to be.    Men have to discipline themselves to be more like Jesus for her to want to have sex with him. For a woman to desire sex, she has to be at peace, confident, and aligned with God's priorities in who/what gets her time.    So, this podcast is directed towards women because often women are the organizers and they are the ones who tend to struggle to have passion. But what if there was a way to actually organize your life so that passion is a consistent desire and fulfilling activity?    That's what I want to talk to you about.   As Jesus followers, we are invited to do things that aren't the societal norms.    I think that passion for women is fairly "natural" for the first 2-3 years of a relationship/marriage. And after that it requires intentionality.    She just stops feeling it... nothing against that specific husband necessarily, she switches to life, busyness, mom - mode. And the attracting-that-guy-mode which heightened libido fades.   BUT! As a wife you can organize your life, your thoughts, and your pursuits in a way that causes you to desire sex, but it requires intentionality for women.    I vowed that on our wedding day, and it will never be negotiable. That's called exercising faithfulness to my marriage vows. Is it a "duty"? That's a gross way of thinking about loving a person---not to mention the most important person of your life.    Is a husband accepting, encouraging, and listening to his wife's heart a duty? It would be gross if that's how he thought of it. But, both are expectations of faithfulness as a married person.    Both are opportunities for them to bless each other and fulfill God's will at the same time.    Blessings, Belah   PS If you'd like to join the free training for women all about confidence in intimacy -- which will be available for a limited time -- go to   If you'd like to find other free resources go to
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