Ep. 094 - Success Leaves Clues (w. David Germain)
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You don't just wake up one day and have Success simply waiting for you on the breakfast table.

If there's anything to be gained from the powerful conversations I've had the privilege to share with you so far, it's the very real fact that Success is not a coincidence, not an event, but a mindset.

To seek, speak, embody and achieve Success is a truly powerful endeavor. It takes patience, dedication, grit, humility and the will to stay persistent through the good times and the bad.

For those who have chosen to walk the path of personal growth and achievement, there happens to a word that plainly resonates with us all and defines this particular state of mind: 

we call them winners.

An empowering disposition that has defined my next guest, David Germain, and journey from humble childhood beginnings to a top-level Real Estate broker, savvy investor,  motivational speaker, youth counselor and all-around impactful being.

David's intense, no nonsense yet always humble words were such a welcome treat as we discussed the importance of not letting your origins define your destination, freeing yourself from your own limiting beliefs, being relentless with your vision and efforts, and so much more...

You can connect with David via his official Instagram page as well as his official website.

You can also contact David directly at : provenwinnersrealty@gmail.com

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