Ep. 134 - Clarity & Confidence (w. Karlo Vieux)
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Do you truly know the price of Success?    I want you to take a second to ponder on that one...You don't have to give me an answer...but I do expect you to at the very least think about it as we welcome my next guest who, as you'll soon get to hear, has in more ways than one not only paid the price but eventually, after some soul-searching and eventual clarity, decided to say "Enough" and call it a day.   As a producer, songwriter, keyboard virtuoso and well-rounded musical talent, Karlo Vieux is a founding member of the iconic, chart-topping Haitian Kompa band CARIMI who, along with fellow founders & bandmates Richard Cavé and Michael Guirand, burst onto the scene with a fresh, innovative sound that shook the airwaves to their core. Whether you were a seasoned or passive Kompa listener back in the day, you had to admit it: there was a new player in town.   With Karlo having penned and produced many of the group's generation-defining hits such as "Mwen Sou", "Chagrin Criminel", and of course, "Ayiti(Bang Bang)", CARIMI set itself on a 15-yr journey that saw the group rise from young upstarts to an obvious force to be reckoned with.    But, behind the accolades, recognition, awards, praise, fame and fortune...we as fans often lose sight of the fact that these are people who, as such and like us, are in now way immune from the trials and tribulations of Life.   Seeing your dream come true as a result of your incredible efforts, impressive talent, relentless commitment, and often understated sacrifice is certainly an achievement to be acknowledged. But when you realize the price tag may amount to more than you're admittedly willing to pay, you have a choice to make.   After 15yrs of giving it all to the fans, and following his own heart by staying true his values, Karlo made the difficult but clear decision to end his run with CARIMI, choosing instead to focus his time and energy on his family and personal wellbeing.   In this generously transparent account, Karlo, having long-since moved on, pulls no punches as we get a first-hand account into his incredible journey. Chronicling how his relentless work ethic, undeniable talent and willingness to lay it all out on the line eventually led to some career-defining moments...but also some pretty heart-wrenching ones.    Through his own words, we get to meet the man, the husband, the father, the entrepreneur, the stoic warrior...as he gives us his perspective on enjoying a hobby versus running a business, the traps of the Industry, the toll of fame on friends & family, listening to your heart...and so much more.   Enjoy.   You can connect with Karlo via Linkedin.
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