Awaken The Awesome
Awaken The Awesome
Jan 11, 2022
Ep. 165 - Roll The Dice (w. Kevin Jordan)
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I don't know who coined it but I'm pretty sure many of you have heard about the often stated notion that public speaking ranks incredibly high on most people lists of greatest fears. I'm not too versed on the statistics but if we're going to take this as a fact, then we can agree that there's a particular category of public speakers that most certainly hold their own as modern day Spartans in this arena. I've always admired stand up comics. Not just for the sheer audacity and courage it must take to show your face to a group of people who whether they know it or not, are armed and able to skewer and decimate not just your material, but also your mental strength, resilience and self-esteem. It's a career path that by all comparisons, when you deconstruct it, could be considered lunacy. But, if you're a fan like me, you cannot set aside the incredible sense of pride one must have for the craft to literally put it all out on the line and chase your dream. Such is the kind of dedication and skill that has undoubtedly been at the core of my next guest's notable 30-yr career in the business. As a former police officer, Kevin Jordan found out quickly that he preferred making people laugh. His unique blend of high energy and lovable charm make him a favorite wherever he performs. His stories of his days as a police officer, a family man, and his everyday view on life never fail to draw huge laughs from his audiences. A much sought-after entertainer, Kevin thrills audiences at comedy clubs, colleges, corporate functions, and venues in all fifty states. He is also a headlining comedian for every major cruise line. Most notably, Kevin has had the privilege to perform over 5000 shows for the USO and the troops worldwide. Kevin has appeared on “The Today Show,” Comedy Central, “Showtime at the Apollo,” and many other notable network and media outlets. As of this recording, his recent Dry Bar Comedy special has amassed an incredible 5.8 million views on YouTube. He is also the author of a "When The Streetlights Come On", a wonderful collection of funny, nostalgic and heartwarming stories pulled from a time before Facebook and when there was a difference school clothes and play clothes... On this episode, Kevin and I share a heartfelt, energy-filled conversation, where he shares some incredible and gut-busting stories & useful insights on longevity, knowing your craft, taking chances, seeing the humor all around us...and so much more. Another exciting conversation which I do hope you'll enjoy.

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