Art and Self with Cindy Ingram
Cindy Ingram
Art is more than a creative outlet or something to study in art history. Art is a catalyst for self-improvement, a tool for understanding the human spirit, and a way to find your path. Through reflections, art conversations, and in-depth explorations of artworks, this podcast might just change your life. Join your host, Cindy Ingram—the founder of Art Class Curator, the Curated Connections Library, and the Art and Self Connection Circle—as she explores the life connections waiting to be discovered in works of art. We live in a world that overstimulates our senses but often ignores our needs. With an unending feed of bright lights, loud noises, and information both true and false, it feels like the scroll never ends. Despite the fact that our feeds are constantly live and updating, our souls are not being fed. We need creative thinking, true communication, and genuine connection to ourselves and others—that’s where art comes in. Art and Self is both an art and a self development podcast about using art as a way to find your truth, know yourself, and discover the path you were meant to walk in life. Remember, the most important part of an artwork is you.
Art and Self with Cindy Ingram
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