2020: Thanksgiving
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The Raising Boys & Girls podcast is back with bonus episodes to help you finish 2020 strong! Join Sissy Goff and David Thomas this week as they share ways to help you ward off entitlement in your kids and create a spirit of gratitude within your family.

Grab links, stats, and quotes you want to remember in the show notes at https://www.gominno.com/blog/raising-boys-and-girls-podcast-thanksgiving

Connect with Sissy, David, and Melissa at raisingboysandgirls.com

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Don't Mom Alone Podcast
Don't Mom Alone Podcast
Heather MacFadyen
Finding Yourself in Motherhood :: Amber O’Neal Johnston [Ep 310]
Amber O’Neal describes herself as a homeschooling mama using Charlotte Mason principles in an atmosphere where “Charlotte Mason wears an afro.” She joins me to talk about how she unexpectedly found she loved homeschooling and working to help her kids love themselves and others. “The Holy Spirit is the supreme educator and the Holy Spirit will speak directly and work directly with our children just as he does through us. And that was a total reframe for me because it gave me a lot of freedom and released a lot of pressure for me when I realized that I'm actually not the supreme educator, I am a guide and I'm going to come alongside my child and that my job is not to teach in the traditional sense of teaching, but more to act as a guide.” Amber shares why she’s creating resources for her children and others to share books and history from people of color and the journey she’s been on with her children as she encourages them to embrace their skin color and cultural history. And her resources and the Charlotte Mason principles aren’t just for homeschooling mamas. She has book lists of great things to read with your children to give them a more holistic view on black history, poetry and culture.  Connect with Amber:  Website: https://heritagemom.com Facebook: facebook.com/HeritageMomBlog Instagram:  @heritagemomblog  Links Mentioned:   Amber’s Heritage Packs and moreBook Recommendations from AmberAbout Charlotte Mason Featured Sponsors: Acorn TV --try it for FREE for 30 days acorn.tv use code: DMAFunction of Beauty-- get 20% off first order at functionofbeauty.com/DMA.
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Crystal Paine Show
Crystal Paine Show
Crystal Paine
108. How to Love Someone You Disagree With
Recently, on Instagram, I got asked the following question, "How do you handle friendships and disrespect in this political turmoil and pandemic." I shared the slide above to answer it, but I had so many more thoughts swirling in my head as I wrote the answer that I realized it would be the perfect topic to tackle more in-depth in a podcast episode. So this week on the podcast, Jesse and I share what we have learned and are learning about how to love someone you disagree with and how not to ruin relationships because of differing opinions. In addition, we talk about new recipes Jesse is trying using duck, granola and Greek yogurt, wearing real PJs, my habit tracker, a book I loved recently, a funny story about mispronouncing words, and what Jesse has been reading. In This Episode: [01:47] Duck poppers are saving Jesse’s life this week. They were so good! [05:38] Granola and greek yogurt are saving my life these days. [07:08] Why I’ve been trying to wear real pajamas to bed. [09:18] I posted about my habit tracker and came to find out… Jesse was right. [11:35] I have been reading/listening to We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter. [15:53] A quick story about how I used to pronounce Yosemite. [16:58] Jesse has been reading SOG by John Plaster. [17:53] The question that inspired this episode. [19:27] There is so much fear circulating in the world causing us to feel reactionary. [21:06] Then to add on top of the fear is the nature of conversations on social media. [23:28] We often lose so much context and empathy by not having face-to-face conversations. [26:22] Why you need to listen with a heart to understand the other person. [28:07] Don't make sweeping generalizations. [30:00] Always remember to care about the person more than you care about their opinion. Links and Resources: * My Habit Tracker * We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter * Libby App * The 52 Books I Plan to Read in 2021 * SOG by John Plaster * Better Habits: 5 Steps to Start & Stick With Them * Sign up for the Hot Deals Email List * MoneySavingMom.com * My Instagram account (I’d love for you to follow me there! I usually hop on at least a few times per day and share behind-the-scenes photos and videos, my grocery store hauls, funny stories, or just anything I’m pondering or would like your advice or feedback on!) * Have feedback on the show or suggestions for future episodes or topics? Send me an email: crystal@moneysavingmom.com How to Listen to The Crystal Paine Show The podcast is available on iTunes, Android, Stitcher, and Spotify. You can listen online through the direct player here. OR, a much easier way to listen is by subscribing to the podcast through a free podcast app on your phone. (Find instructions for how to subscribe to a podcast here.) Ready to dive in and listen? Hit the player above or search for “The Crystal Paine Show” on your favorite podcast app.
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Hunter Beless
Theology in Practice with K.A. Ellis
On today’s episode of the Journeywomen podcast, we’re chatting with K.A. Ellis about what it means to put what we’ve learned in our current series, Journeywomen Goes to Seminary, into practice! In this episode, she reminds us that our ultimate goal is simply to know and love God more. K.A. Ellis is the Director of the Edmiston Center for the Study of the Bible and Ethnicity in Atlanta, Georgia. She's passionate about theology, human rights, and global religious freedom. Since 2006, it's been her pleasure to collaborate with the Swiss-based organization, International Christian Response, traveling internationally to connect local and global Christians while studying and advocating for global religious freedom. Her research explores Christian endurance from society's margins, particularly in places where it's most difficult to live the Christian life. Mrs. Ellis is the Cannada Fellow for World Christianity at Reformed Theological Seminary. She holds a Master of Art in Religion (MAR Theological) from Westminster Theological Seminary, a Master of Fine Art (MFA) from the Yale School of Drama, and is a Ph.D. candidate in World Christianity and Ethics at the Oxford Center for Mission Studies in England. FULL SHOW NOTES DISCUSSION QUESTIONS * What does theology have to do with everyday life? * How does your doctrinal study influence your worship? How does what you know impact the way you live? * Does the way you live out your theology advance the mission of God? How? * What steps can you take to apply your theology - or to move your theology from your head to your heart to your hands? * What are you going to do or implement as a result of what you’ve learned this week? SPONSORS Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary believes women are essential to the health of the church and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. They are committed to training women for ministry at any level, in any discipline. Learn more by visiting sebts.edu, and learn how you can start preparing for your future ministry today. FOR MORE Subscribe: iTunes | Android Follow Us: Instagram | Facebook Support the podcast by writing a review *Affiliate links used are used where appropriate. Thank you for supporting the products that support Journeywomen!
53 min
Mom Struggling Well
Mom Struggling Well
Emily Thomas, Rebecca Smith & Kate Ordway
Dog Food Robe Pigment
What you are hearing right now is a small portion from our Patreon episode that went out this week. If you want to join the Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/momstrugglingwell) community, head on over here (https://www.patreon.com/momstrugglingwell) to receive this full episode and many many more! You'll also get the unedited video version of each Patreon episode if you want to see all of the bloopers before your very eyes. You won't regret it, see you soon! *Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  CONNECT WITH REBECKY: website (https://betterlifebags.com/) | instagram (https://www.instagram.com/rebeccasmithonline/) | patreon (https://www.patreon.com/momstrugglingwell) CONNECT WITH KATIE: instagram (https://www.instagram.com/kateordway/) | website (https://momstrugglingwell.com/struggling-sisters) | patreon (https://www.patreon.com/momstrugglingwell) CONNECT WITH EMILY: website (https://momstrugglingwell.com/) | instagram (https://www.instagram.com/momstrugglingwell/) | facebook (https://www.facebook.com/momstrugglingwell/) | patreon (https://www.patreon.com/momstrugglingwell) SHARE THE STRUGGLE! If you've been encouraged, share this episode with a friend.  The struggle is real.  We might as well do this together! Do you love Mom Struggling Well? Please leave a review here (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-struggle-well-project/id1046121933?mt=2) ! LINKS MENTIONED ON THE SHOW: Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/momstrugglingwell) | Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/shop/momstrugglingwell) *Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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The Alli Worthington Show
The Alli Worthington Show
Alli Worthington
The Science and Scripture Behind Joy with Shaunti Feldhahn
When the calendar flipped to 2021, a lot of us felt relief. We made it through a challenging year, and, finally, it seemed like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Well, friends, while things are getting better, nothing’s magically changed yet. It can be hard to find joy when it all feels the same. That’s why I’ve asked my dear friend, Shaunti Feldhahn, to join me on the show today. Shaunti is my favorite social research, and I’m forever wowed by her ability to combine scripture with good, factual data. She takes us on a journey through what science and scripture say about finding joy, recognizing when we need to trust God (spoiler: always), and how to find joy and happiness regardless of what’s going on around us. In this episode, she helps us: * Identify practical ways to look for joy in the everyday * Discover what research and scripture say about a joyful life * Create boundaries on negative thinking * Reaffirm that we need to trust God and his purpose for our lives, especially in times of uncertainty Favorite quotes: 1. We're actually challenged by the fact that God says that joy is supposed to be the characteristic of the Christian, regardless of whether it's dark and cold or beautiful outside. 2. It's really astounding how God has created us. When we focus on the things that are worthy of gratitude, that emotion, that joy is one of the things that wells up inside us. 3. There is an interesting principle, about looking back, and remembering all the ways that God has been so faithful to us each time we've had a freak-out before and going ‘Oh yeah. Right.’ 4. God never, ever promises us that there is going to be this constant overflowing of time, or provision, or energy. It's always that we have enough for that day, that moment, as long as we follow the shepherd. Great things we discussed: 1. Shaunti Feldhahn 2. Find Joy: A Devotional Journey to Unshakable Wonder in an Uncertain World 3. Understanding Green Pastures 4. Francine Rivers: Mark of the Lion Series 5. Lord of The Rings 6. Gulu bags 7. Soul 8. Standing Strong Hope you loved this episode! Be sure to subscribe in iTunes and slap some stars on a review! :) xo, Alli www.alliworthington.com/shauntifeldhahn2021
51 min
Daily Grace
Daily Grace
The Daily Grace Co.
Your Social Media Habits and Your Heart
Your social media habits say a lot about you. The truth is, our habits reveal our hearts: our desires, fears, hopes, idols, and more. It’s the appetites of our hearts that drive what we consume and produce online. Our hearts influence the time we spend, how we engage, who we follow, and more. The answer isn’t to abandon social media altogether. We can have healthy habits and steward our platforms for God’s glory! But it will take heart work and some practical application! Connect with us: www.dailygracepodcast.com www.thedailygraceco.com https://www.facebook.com/thedailygraceco/ https://www.instagram.com/thedailygraceco/ Questions? Email us! podcast@thedailygraceco.com _______________________________ Resources mentioned in this episode: Always Pan by Our Place National Parks Scratch-Off Poster by Pop Chart “Social Media and Depression Symptoms: A Network Perspective” by American Psychological Association The Social Dilemma documentary on Netflix Scripture mentioned in this episode: Ephesians 5:15-16 1 Corinthians 15:33 Psalm 1:1 Proverbs 13:20 Psalm 37:7 Ephesians 4:29 John 17:17 Philippians 4:8 Galatians 1:10 1 Corinthians 10:31 Connect with us: Subscribe to Daily Grace: on iOS, go to our iTunes page and click subscribe. On Android, click this podcast RSS feed link and choose your podcast app. If needed, you can copy this link directly into your favorite podcast app (like Stitcher or Overcast). Or follow us on Spotify! We would love if you took a few minutes to leave us an iTunes review to help spread the word about Daily Grace! We want to invite more women into our conversations! Download The Daily Grace app: for iOS, click here to download. On Android, click here to download. Visit The Daily Grace Co. for beautiful products for the whole family that will equip you on your journey to knowing and loving God more. Subscribe to The Daily Grace Newsletter and receive free Bible study resources in your inbox. Like The Daily Grace Co. on Facebook. Follow on Instagram for the latest updates on the podcast and The Daily Grace Co. Engage with our Facebook community, “The Daily Grace Co. Communityt”. Read The Daily Grace blog for encouragement throughout the week that is steeped in biblical truths. **Affiliate links used are used where appropriate.** Thank you for supporting the products that support the production of this podcast!
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