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Walk through the Valley in Peace
Jun 18, 2020 · 8 min
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I have been walking around the neighborhood with my son since the first week that we had him home. Weather permitting, we're outside every day.

I've noticed recently that he has started waving the exact same way that I wave. Now you might say, well of course, cause that's how you wave. But honestly, he's never seen me wave because he's always in front of me. It freaked me that he is picking up on mannerisms he's not even seeing until I realized he's not mimicking ME, he's mimicking the people waving BACK at me!

Because people wave back at you the way you waved to them.

Our life is a reflection of how we are showing up in it and all the more reason to show up as much at peace as you can be.

We'll be singing "You shall walk through the Valley in peace" and I invite you to sing that along with me and throughout your day.

Right now it seems that every situation is heightened in intensity because we're a little on edge and people are wearing masks so you can't really see expressions as much as you usually do, and then if people aren't wearing masks or aren't wearing them properly then that can make people even more nervous, and so just more than ever let us walk in peace. 



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