AprilSingsalot's Podcast
Anchored My Soul in a Haven of Rest
Jun 22, 2020 · 7 min
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I used to think anchors were something that holds you down because people in boats or on ships use anchors to hold them in place. So when people would use the term anchor as a positive thing, I would think, yeah, but that's also is going to hold me down. Right? I don't want something that's going to hold me down, I want something that's going to lift me up!

Then I learned that anchor is also what climbers use when they're scaling a wall and they put something above them to get them to the higher point that they need to be.

That really helped me with that imagery and it helped me to identify more strongly with an anchor as a positive thing. So I want to anchor myself to something higher than me that will lift me up and help me to grow in whatever situation I face. And fittingly, today's song is anchored my soul, and I invite you to use that imagery of something that's higher than you that you are using to lift you up.



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