The Bible Geek Podcast 21-015
In biblical times, how could one distinguish a Jew from a Samaritan by outward appearance?

Where did Paul derive the information we read in 1 Corinthians 11:23-26?

What do you think of the recent introduction of inclusive language in the New American Standard Bible?

Might Thomas have been the “Twin” brother of Jesus?

I could imagine a situation where a historical figure, increasingly understood as a more and more exalted figure, is equated and conflated with a mythical personage who developed separately, but is there a simpler solution?

Assuming there was a common source, the "Q", why was he deleted, quenched, made to disappear? Unless it was Josephus?

Does the Ipuwer Papyrus really verify Exodus?

If the Romans fabricated the Gospel or adapted it, why did they pick the Levant as the source?

What was the point of the “whole burnt offering”?

Might the things that are said about Simon Magus have been based on things John the Baptist's disciples said about Jesus, according to the Mandeans?

As to the apologetic technique of "interpreting the less clear passage by means of the more clear," is it legitimate to apply it to 2 passages within a single work, or within multiple works by the same author?'
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