Ep.21 Getting Comfortable with Discomfort; Aaron Grooves Encourages us to Get Curious, Question How we Learn, and Embrace our Mistakes as Opportunities for Growth
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Continuing the conversation surrounding curiosity and growth, musician & educator Aaron Williams is back for Part 2. Bronkar and Aaron dive deeper into how we can use our curiosity in empowering and creative ways. We can get curious in conversation, question how we learn most efficiently, and leverage curiosity to avoid Comparison Syndrome. Bronkar points out: If your goal is to mirror another person’s exact skill set or abilities, you may be stuck in Comparison Syndrome. If you can use that person for inspiration and get curious, you may be on the right track. We can avoid falling into comparison cycles by asking questions and getting curious. We’ll also discuss how we can learn new ways of learning. Exploring questions to gain more awareness around how we learn, what our process is, and how we can rethink what we think we know best is the key to learning new skills quickly. Aaron gives an example of how the counterintuitive idea of slowing down actually helped him learn a new skill efficiently and more quickly than his initial attempts. He challenges us to get to know ourselves a bit better by asking some simple questions: What is my main goal? How can I achieve this goal? And once it’s attained: Is it best to Modify or Move On? Aaron Grooves is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and educator. His primary objective is to make the world a more joyful place through music, logic, and love. If you’d like to see more from Aaron, check out his YouTube channel here: AaronGrooves - YouTube. 🌞 Join The Good Stuff Network Community: http://spreadthegoodstuff.com/community/ 📣 Subscribe to Spread the Good Stuff Podcast: pod.link/1597137907 📱 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegoodstuffnetwork 📌 Subscribe to our channel: http://youtube.com/thegoodstuffnetworkofficial

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