Becoming Immune Confident
Kara Wada, MD
Welcome to the Becoming Immune Confident Podcast, a show that delves deep into the science of immunity and explores the confidence that comes with developing the skills and traits to tackle any obstacle that comes our way. The podcast gets its name from the idea that we are always evolving and growing, which is encompassed by the word "becoming." We are in constant motion, and the work of self-improvement is never truly done. The term "immune" has a dual meaning on this show. On one hand, it refers to our bodies' immune system, which includes allergies, asthma, autoimmunity, and inflammatory conditions. But it also refers to the resilience that comes with encountering and overcoming challenges. When we've been through tough times before, we can draw on that experience to face whatever comes next. This resilience and sense of overcoming challenges fits nicely into the idea of "confidence," which is the feeling we get when we trust in our own abilities. It's the feeling of standing tall, with our feet firmly on the ground, and speaking with conviction. Even though the future is always uncertain, we can still work to develop the skills and traits that will help us succeed. In this podcast, we explore the science of immunity and the confidence that comes with developing the traits and skills that will help us navigate life's challenges. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and character development as we strive to become immune confident. In upcoming episodes, we'll be sharing stories and insights that will inspire and empower you to become the best version of yourself.
Becoming Immune Confident
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