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Limitless Health
Mar 22, 2022
Why Overwhelm is Keeping You From Results in Your Body
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We’re digging into more on what overwhelm physiologically does to our bodies that limit your health & your body’s ability to get results as well as what the thought of overwhelm is actually doing to you on a deeper level.

Physiologically overwhelm causes your stress hormones to take over, which means basic life-sustaining systems get suppressed or shut down.  Think about it this way:  If you’re being chased by a tiger, or your child is being kidnapped, do you want your body spending energy on digestion or immune regulation?  Nope!  This strategy our body has is purposeful, but what happens when this is the constant state we live in?

We’ll also talk about what happens inside your brain when you have the thought “I’m so overwhelmed”?  How do you want to show up throughout your day?  Most likely, the thought of overwhelm makes you paralyzed & make you want to curl up or give up.  So anyone who struggles with consistency issues needs to hear this message to get some tangible evidence why you can’t stay consistent & what can actually be done about it.

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