Speed of Presence Psychological Health and Safety Podcast
Trace Hobson
What would it be like if when you felt discouraged, overwhelmed, or struggling professionally or personally, you also felt psychologically safe to talk about it openly in your workplace and your home? So, that no matter what you were going through, you never felt alone or isolated? So that it didn't matter whether you were at home or work, you felt safe to take the risk of being authentic and sharing what was going on inside of you? And you knew that it would never jeopardize your position, your reputation, your relationships or your job?! What would that be like for you? If you're like the people and organizations I work with, my family, and me, your first reaction to this might be: "yeah, right!? That's never going to happen in my workplace or home!" I understand why you might say that because I thought the same things about my workplace and even my family—because neither of them felt safe for me. What I discovered and learned when I finally stopped hiding and trying to navigate my mental health alone was three things: 1. I am not alone. 2. The mental health and wellness of myself, my family, and my workplace is the most important priority to talk about openly, vulnerably and genuinely so that things can change. 3. We all have an incredible opportunity to transform workplaces in Canada into a health and wellness support system that will revolutionize the way we work and live. The practical reality is that we spend 60% of our waking hours at work, but 77% of all Canadian workers say they don't feel safe talking to people at work about their wellness or mental health. So what's the result? People go to work and pretend everything's alright. And then go Canadian employers lose 21 billion dollars a year as a result, and families and people suffer. I'm here, and my family is here to say it doesn't have to be that way in our country anymore. So How do we do this? We train managers, supervisors, and employees in Psychological Health and Safety Leadership and Coaching. When workplaces spend time training their people in wellness, mental health and psychological safety, they revolutionize working. When employers do that, they invest practically in the families and households of each of their employees. That's what me and my family believe, and that's what this podcast is all about! My name is Trace Hobson. After 25 years of working in leadership and management roles in the corporate world and hiding anxiety, PTSD, and the mental health problems my family and I were going through, I decided to slow down, speak up and speak out with my family on psychological health and safety. We share openly and honestly how we practice restoration in our family's mental health using Psychological Health and Safety Leadership and Coaching. And we believe that the fastest way to transform the mental health and wellness of our country is to train managers, supervisors, and leaders in Canadian workplaces how to create psychological health and safety at work and home at the same time. The intention of this podcast is simple: We're here to help our workplaces and families heal from anxiety, unresolved trauma, and the mental health crisis that's going on in our country. My mom Carol, my dad Joe, my sister Kim, and myself (along with special guest appearances from our kids, family members, and thought leaders from around the world) talk weekly about what we believe about restoration and wellness in workplaces and families are. Welcome, we hope that you enjoy the show! Please like and share our show and subscribe if it serves you or you think it might help someone else. Website: www.tracehobsontraining.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trace_hobson_training Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tracehobsontraining
Speed of Presence Psychological Health and Safety Podcast
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