The Kathy Keats Show
Kathy Keats
Pursuing excellence is already a scary proposition. Then add to the mix one (or more!) completely unpredictable animals (despite your best efforts to train them), and try to perform at your best in front of a crowd. Three-sport international competitor and mindset expert Kathy Keats has experienced it all, from blowing her knee out at the beginning of a promising basketball career to winning world and national championships. There are few things more humbling than sport, dog sport in particular. A dog is a teacher and a mirror—reflecting our dreams and insecurities—and asking us how much we are willing to step out of our comfort zone to pursue our potential. Every episode, I delve into the mindset, habits, and practice strategies from my own experiences and with my guest experts in dog sport (and other disciplines) with funny tales of the highs and lows, insightful discussion, and honest conversation on mindset and high performance and how it relates to everything we do. If you enjoy the podcast, hit subscribe and be sure to check out
The Kathy Keats Show
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