Episode 30: Your Year-end Social Media Checklist
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We are diving into Part 3 of this 4-part series titled “How to be profitable moving into the new year, even with a recession looming.” And this week, we are focusing on all the things you need to review when it comes to your social media platforms.

If you’re like so many of my clients, you’re checking the box when it comes to social media…especially if you’re paying someone else to do it for you. But, the fact of the matter is if you’re posting just to post and not paying attention to the quality of the content or if the graphics look good (and people can read them well), you’re throwing money away…and no one has time for that.

This episode is short, sweet and to the point…and full of valuable information to help you take a quick audit of your social media so you can make tweaks that will benefit your bottom line.

As with anything in your business, I want you to think about your WHY. Why do you post on social media? Is it because you want to sell a product? Do you want to use social media as more of a “digital business card?” This means that when people meet you and look you up on social media - you have interesting and compelling content and anyone can see that you’re a legit business. 

Once you’re clear on your why, then take a look at the top 5 items you need to review. 


  1. ANALYTICS: Numbers don’t lie. We want to be sure that the posts we are pushing out on social media are landing with our perfect client. We can gauge this (typically) by looking at various metrics. Then, ask yourself which posts perform well and which ones didn’t.

**It’s important to know that just because your followers and friends may not comment or give you a “like” does NOT mean they don’t love your content. So many people are “silent” on social media…they see what you’re posting but never comment.

I have a client who received every email I sent out for TWO YEARS and followed me on social media…never commented…and then boom…. One day, he called me up and asked me to take on a high-ticket project.

CONSISTENCY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME when it comes to social media.

  1. Instagram: Take a look at your shares, saves and engagement (this is the comments and direct messages people send you because of a specific post) over the past 6 months (or more). 
  2. LinkedIn: Take a look at your engagement and impressions on videos.
  3. Facebook (this goes for groups too): Take a look at your engagement and views on videos.

2. CLEAN OUT YOUR FOLLOWERS: Yep, that’s right. Take a look at who is following you and if they’re not people or businesses that align to your vision, you need to delete them. Quality over quantity…ALWAYS.

3. UPDATE YOUR BIO: Update your bio to reflect new skills, credentials and certifications. It’s also a good time on LinkedIn to ask clients to write a recommendation for you. (Side note…take that recommendation and develop a post about it!)

4. LINK IN BIO: Freshen up your link in bio as well as your Facebook and LinkedIn banners. Make sure your link in bio (this is the hyperlink on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn) directs people to an actual LIVE LINK. This can be your website, LinkTree or whatever link you want to send someone in your network.

5. SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM OVERVIEW: It’s always a good idea to think about the social media platforms you’re using and consider whether or not your perfect client is hanging out on those platforms. For example, I’ve pivoted more to LinkedIn lately because that’s where my perfect client is spending time. Consider the demographics, psychographics and personality characteristics of your perfect client and make sure you’re spending time on the platforms that make sense to connect with those clients.

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