Episode 28: How to Plan for BIG WINS in The New Year
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For those of you who know me well, you KNOW I’m the ultimate planner.

I check my social media analytics and email marketing stats regularly. I am diligent about my monthly balance sheet. I even create spreadsheets for our vacations (maybe that’s gone tooooo far for some of you though!! 🤣).. 

I have learned to implement regular reviews so I can pivot and make changes quickly so I don’t waste time and money.

Much like you, I have a team who I pay to help support my business. If I’m not staying on top of my numbers, I’m literally throwing money away.

👉 If you’re not reviewing what worked and didn’t in your business this past year, you’re leaving money on the table…

…and no one has time for that! 🤑

Listed below are 4 things I take a deeper dive to review as we near year-end.

1️⃣ Review your numbers.

Review the following items:

  • Balance Sheet: Which services or products performed best? Are these offerings yielding a high return on investment? In other words, is the time you’re putting that offer worth the money? 
  • Social Media: Which posts performed well and which ones bombed…and then, be sure to not repeat the crappy ones in the future.
  • Email Marketing: Check your open rates. Why were some emails higher than others? This is likely tied to your subject line…was it catchy and interesting? Would you have opened it if that email were in your inbox?

2️⃣ Check out your competitors. 

What are they talking about and sharing online? Are there posts that have performed well? How could you take those concepts and make them your own? 

This isn’t a compare and despair exercise…but I DO want you to know what your competition is doing so you know how to best position your message.

3️⃣ Do you enjoy your clients?

This is a BIG one. If your clients are causing you heartburn, you may need to revisit who you’re trying to serve.

  • Think about one of your favorite clients. Name that person. Then, I want you to consider what you really like about that person. What characteristics do they have that makes them enjoyable? What type of personality and communication style do they have (i.e., are they direct, bold, fun, collaborative, data focused)? 
  • Your messaging needs to align with the type of person you really want to invite into your network…and those who you would love to work with too.

4️⃣ Marketing Results: What was your number one marketing objective for 2022? Did you achieve it? If not, why? 

I’ve developed a fabulous tool to help with your year-end planning. Click HERE to grab my “Designing Your Business SWOT Analysis” to help you plan a profitable new year!

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