Episode 15: Your Pretty Logo Doesn’t Mean Much if You don’t Have A Good Message
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Three tips to help communicate your unique brand position. Let’s cut to the chase. You’ve spent thousands of $$ on a logo, color palette and brand guide… ...and it’s BEAUTIFUL!!! But...and this is a BIG but… ...the pretty logo isn’t bringing in the clients, right? There’s a reason for that, and this may rub you the wrong way...but, it needs to be said. No one cares about your logo as much as you do. They just don’t. I know that cuts to the core a bit...it did for me too after I spent $5k on a brand package and it didn’t do anything for new business. What does bring in new business? Getting clear on your message. Here’s 3 tips to help you draft your unique brand position so you stand out from everyone else out there in your niche…. Talk about values that are important to you. If you’re an attorney who has a big heart for women going through a divorce...talk about it from that angle. Talk about why that is important to you. Do you have stories from your past that would make sense to share about this perspective? Define who you serve. Who is your perfect client? Like...really...describe your perfect client in great detail. Who has been a perfect client in the past? Think about that person and jot down some details about why you loved working with them. Are they male or female...kids...travel...love to shop...what podcasts do they listen to...etc. Define the problem you solve with an “I help” statement. This is where you need to get specific...not wordy, though...just specific. Think about it like this: (1) define who you serve (2) define what you do (3) define how you do it. My “I help” statement goes something like this…. “I help brands [this is the “who I serve” part] scale with executive-level communication and marketing strategy [this is “what I do” part] by creating unique brand positioning [this is the “how I do it” part].” Make sure to follow me on IG @heather_lisle and to see more on what I have to offer, or to book a strategy call with me, visit www.heatherlisle.com

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