Your Truth Shared
Your Truth Shared
Oct 11, 2022
#25 It’s Time to Face Facts and Find Comfort in your Skin with Joseph McGuire
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Did you know that you are the proud owner of three brains!? Did you know that authentic communication has the power to transform your personal life and your professional life!? Here to tell us more is special guest Joseph McGuire. Joseph is an author, online training coach, curious thinker, and body language and facial analysis expert. He helps individuals and teams build remarkable relationships by enhancing their communication skills and deeper human connections through his Clearsight Communication training programs.  

There is so much to unpack in this fascinating episode. We learn of Joseph’s ability to read people from a very young age, how he has transformed it into his profession, and his journey of stepping into the corporate world with his services. Even though we may speak the same language, Joseph reveals how we can communicate with one another more effectively. Joseph discusses the importance of fully tuning in to ourselves and paying attention to our feelings and shares a fun political exercise for you to try out in the comforts of your living room. Lastly, would you believe us if we told you that your eyebrows could reveal a lot about you and your character!? We kid you not. Hit play now to hear all about it! Key points throughout include:

- An introduction to Joseph McGuire 

- Trusting your intuition when making career choices 

- Levels of empathy: emotional and cognitive empathy 

- Living in alignment with your values 

- The human experience: moving beyond drama and difficulty

- Breaking down barriers virtually online and the universal sense of insecurity 

- What your eyebrows can reveal about you

- The impact of manipulative behaviour 

- The concept of thin slicing and the power of slowing down: how to communicate with authority

- Tuning into your three brains and the power of kindness 

- The need of exceptional relationships in your personal and professional life 


‘‘Neuroscience has demonstrated that we actually have three brains. We have a brain in our gut, we have a brain in the heart and we have a brain in the head, but we tend to think in terms of the one of the head only. But our gut is telling us a lot. Our heart is actually telling us a lot.’’ – Joseph McGuire. 



Book: Face Facts by Joseph McGuire 

Book: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell 

Book: The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer 


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