Your Truth Shared
Your Truth Shared
Jul 12, 2022
#12 The Greater Good in Business with Pawel Szczecki
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Welcome back to Your Truth Shared. Predica is a proud Microsoft partner offering IT services and IT consultations with a mission to give people the freedom to do meaningful work. The business came to fruition by four inspiring founders, Greg, Pawel, Andrzej and Tomasz, each with different personalities but with the commonality of sharing a purpose and a robust set of values. Last week, we met Greg, and this week welcomes a lovely continuous flow as co-founder and self-leadership coach Pawel Szcecki joins Finola to discuss his Predica journey and the greater good in business.  

There is no doubt that Pawel is an introverted listener with a remarkable ability to pay attention and empathise. In this episode, Pawel kindly opens up and shares his insights and vulnerability with us. We learn about how Pawel adapted to being a founder, his journey from IT technology to coaching, the different perspectives and challenging conversations around the acquisition of Predica, the power of values-based decision making, emotions in the workplace, and so much more. Key points throughout this episode include: 

- An introduction to Pawel Szczecki.

- Traits of a successful leadership team.

- Vulnerability on a personal and operational level. 

- Handling disagreements and avoiding conflict within a team.

- Transitioning a company into a new reality. 

- The power of values-based decision-making. 

- Business acquisition: finding the perfect match. 

- Reassuring employees during a time of transition. 

- The superpower of empathy.

- Overcoming the challenges in leadership and tackling difficult conversations.

- Personal development: the key ingredients to business growth. 

- Why everyone should have a thinking partner. 

- Mindlessness: Taking time to switch off your mind. 


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