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Lit Match
Mar 28, 2022
First Chapters: The Chandler Legacies by Abdi Nazemian
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“I'm rooting for Beth, as she prepares to submit her essay for consideration...There's this sense of, I may be insecure, but at the same time reminding yourself that you have value and you have worth…and can stand up for yourself.” – Abigail K. Perry on the first chapter in THE CHANDLER LEGACIES by Abdi Nazemian

Abigail K. Perry takes an in-depth look at THE CHANDLER LEGACIES by Abdi Nazemian, a YA book and author represented by literary agent John Cusick

In this special BONUS episode, Abigail uses the five commandments to analyze the structure in the first scene, and seven key questions every reader can use to determine if the first chapter will hook its readers.  

THE CHANDLER LEGACIES is a great example of how to start a YA fiction book, and why YA fiction is about more than the life of a teenager (even though it’s about this, too!). 

The goal of these bonus episodes is to provide writers with tools and examples to help them craft the best first chapters for their book before querying a literary agent. 




About Abdi Nazemian:

Abdi’s first novel, THE WALK-IN CLOSET, was awarded Best Debut at the Lambda Literary Awards. He has written three young adult novels, all published by Balzer + Bray / HarperCollins: THE AUTHENTICS (2017), LIKE A LOVE STORY (2019), and THE CHANDLER LEGACIES (2022). LIKE A LOVE STORY won a Stonewall Honor and was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 100 best young adult books of all time. Learn more about Abdi here 



Beth Kramer is a “townie” who returns to her sophomore year after having endured a year of tension with her roommate, Sarah.

But Sarah Brunson knows there’s more to that story.

Amanda Priya “Spence” Spencer is the privileged daughter of NYC elites, who is reeling from the realization that her family name shielded her from the same fate as Sarah.

Ramin Golafshar arrives at Chandler as a transfer student to escape the dangers of being gay in Iran, only to suffer brutal hazing under the guise of tradition in the boys’ dorms.

And Freddy Bello is the senior who’s no longer sure of his future but knows he has to stand up to his friends after what happened to Ramin.

At Chandler, the elite boarding school, these five teens are brought together in the Circle, a coveted writing group where life-changing friendships are born—and secrets are revealed. Their professor tells them to write their truths. But is the truth enough to change the long-standing culture of abuse at Chandler? And can their friendship survive the fallout?


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Represented by John Cusick 



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