The Magic Spark
Wellness Witch Tandy Gutierrez
This Magic Spark podcast is for the open-hearted, magick makers seeking to cultivate consistent soul growth, healing, wellness, and, quite frankly, the highest expression of your soul in this lifetime. Whether you are simply woo-woo curious or a loud and proud freak flying witch, this is a space for those seeking to step into or continue to stand in their soul authenticity, day-to-day, week-to-week….while allowing that authenticity to evolve and grow as it leads you to. This podcast is a home base to continually stumbling upon things that ignite that magic healing spark in you. This space acknowledges that as humans in this strange and messy 3-D incarnation we are on a constant journey of healing. Healing is never a one and done process. We continue to need sparks to instigate and initiate the next leg of our journey. Often, strangely and quite simply….all we ever need is that spark. To hear a little tidbit. To have something explained in a way that finally resonates. To finally experience the energy of not being alone, being seen, feeling connected to the Universe, to ourselves, and to each other. We never need anyones permission to heal, and our healing isn’t something anyone else can do for us….however as humans…lost in a noisy and messy human experience, hearing permission given, having space held, hearing voices and stories of thrival and healing through trauma and wounds (the big and the little), hearing how astrology and the tarot can support us to clarity is often exactly what we need to begin or continue our healing. This podcast is a voice that offers the pings to do just that. At each equinox and solstice we’ll lean into a tarot forecast for the season. Every month we’ll pull a Tarot card as well as lean into the zodiac season to guide us on the path. Episodes will alternate between a solocast and guest interview style. For full details on the formats - head to mini episode #1 right after this trailer. Bonus episodes will offer deeper dives into an and all topics that center around shadow work, the dark goddesses (Hello, Lilith and Hekate) as well as shares from friends and clients of healing to get a bit more real in our conversation of how healing actually happens and what it really feels like rather than quick sound-bite moments. Healing is much like intuition. It’s the quiet small whisper in the background that’s consistent and long term. It’s much less glamorous than we want it to be. When you’re working with wounds of unworthiness, deservedness, scarcity, imposter syndrome, The Mother Wound, or self trust…getting started or continuing on a path of healing… to get to empowerment can be a delicate harmony. The Magic Spark Podcast aims to help you hear more of those quiet whispers of intuition and generate an energetic protective shield for you to safely follow them. I publish two episodes a month, every other week, on Wednesdays (Mercury’s day!) at 5am CST.
The Magic Spark
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