Out of Queeriosity
Out of Queeriosity
Jan 19, 2022
Bree Pear: I AM ONLY HUMAN - From Influencer to Global Community
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Hey fam!

  The next speaker we are showcasing is Bree Pear, CEO of the clothing and social impact company Only Human. Often touted as a queer influencer that creates real impact, Bree is well-known for curating events, social content, and even clothing that drives the needle for social change. She's also an author in our book, Thriving in Business: Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Entrepreneur. Available at www.QueerBusinessBook.com and everywhere books are sold.  


So let's Meet Bree, she’s a tech-nerd entrepreneur with a passion for humans and a drive to make waves in this world. In 2016 Bree founded Only Human—a platform for good that brings humans together for a deeper purpose. After hitting rock bottom in her own life she recognized that she had the power to change her narrative and use her skills to help bring others together. Bree truly believes that by building a community of like-minded humans willing to make changes in this world, we can create a ripple effect that's felt on a global scale.  

This talk is Bree sharing how she turned rock bottom into the best thing that ever happened to her and how she used that growth to create an inclusive give-back community for millions of LGBTQ+ humans worldwide.    

I truly love how REAL each of our speakers got with our audience at the Pride and Joy Summit. Each of us has been through times when we had to deconstruct who we WERE to get to where we ARE. It's not an easy journey but I really feel like it's one of our queer superpowers.

Straight people are rarely forced to take hard, honest looks at themselves and deconstruct what pieces of them came from external forces and what is true and authentic to them internally. Because we've done that work, we're able to show up as our full selves: at work, in relationships, as community members, etc.  

We'd love to hear from you about how you've taken your queer superpower and used it to impact the world. Maybe just your neighbor, or just your family, or maybe on a larger scale. Email us at info@prideandjoyfoundation, I'm excited to hear from you!  

Huge thanks to Bree and her team at Only Human. We hope you loved this episode of Out of Queeriosity.   I appreciate you, fam.  Be good to yourselves.    


All the good links: www.QueerBusinessBook.com








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