Plant remedies backed by science - with HILMA founders Hilary Quartner, Nina Mullen and Lily Galef
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This episode my guests are Hilary Quartner, Nina Mullen and Lily Galef. Together, they co-founded Hilma – a company producing natural remedies backed by science. 

They wanted to know why though most products in their homes had changed over the last few years (so they could pronounce the ingredients, read about their sourcing and so on) when it came to the medicine cabinet things were still very much the same as ever - brightly coloured tablets, sugary syrups, and so on and opaque labels.

They looked for the products they wanted, but found that the natural options weren’t backed by science. And the products backed by science didn’t hold up to their clean label standards.

So they decided to take natural remedies into the lab. What they created was not a drug or a vitamin, but a new standard – which they call the Clinical Herbal.

The conversation covered a lot of ground and I found it fascinating. Among other things we discussed:

  • The gap between medicines and natural remedies that they are working to bridge
  • How their idea became a reality
  • How they got backing from the scientific community
  • Their approach to ingredients and sourcing
  • What their clinical trials aim to show
  • What “backed by science” means to them
  • How the industry suffers when people use such labels unethically

To look into what they are doing in more detail check out their website or their Instagram feed.

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