Own Your Feminine
Own Your Feminine
Aug 11, 2021
2. Here's How to Break Free from the Trap & Transcend Infertility
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There is ALWAYS a reason for why a woman is not getting pregnant

Fun Fact: I never use the term “infertility” to describe a woman’s fertility status & I invite you to do the same

The words we speak matter & the person speaking those words matter, too #quantumphysics

Here’s why👇🏼

From a natural medicine perspective, our body speaks through the language of signs & symptoms

What they call ‘infertility’ is an example of one of those symptoms

So to get attached to an identification of a symptom is a dangerous slippery slope - We transmit to the Universe that we are indeed, ‘infertile’

Another issue 👉🏼 in our western culture we get so obsessed about “fixing“ the problem (ie the symptom), that we completely miss the solution (ie the cause).

We see this play out in the conventional ‘treatment’ of infertility:

TTC for a year, hasn’t happened, go see doctor, tells us we’re infertile, run a bunch of labs, can’t find anything wrong, told our only option is fertility treatments 😵‍💫

This is LAZY MEDICINE, my friends.

The truth is… theres ALWAYS a reason for ‘infertility’ (again, I’m only using this word for the purpose of this post) ‘Infertility’ is not the end result.

Unless you’re missing parts (sterile), there IS a way to improve fertility.

Because here’s another #micdrop moment…

What’s keeping you from conceiving likely has NOTHING to do with your lady parts

Which is why the conventional model of tests & treatments leaves most women high & dry from an actual solution (& baby!)

That’s because focusing on the SYMPTOM distracts us from finding the CAUSE

Simply ask yourself, how many times have you become obsessed about an ultrasound finding or hormone levels or even OPK tests!?

How did that help you to actually improve fertility??

My guess is that is did NOT & it was a HUGE distraction that took its toll on you mentally & emotionally.

If you’re tired of staying distracted, stuck, & defeated - I totally get you.

I feel you’re frustration & self doubt. But I’d doesn’t have to be this way!

It’s why we’ve created Holistic Fertility Method - a coaching program designed to heal the root & double your fertility in 90 days


Hey mama, I'm inviting YOU to an Application-Only, Exclusive Private Training hosted by me, Stesha.

Inside the Exclusive, Private Training I will show you:

  • How to overcome the ONE root of infertility (it's much deeper than you have been told)
  • What it takes to cultivate the 3 Fertile Elements to get pregnant naturally
  • Insight on how to master the 'Secret Power" to gaining momentum in your fertility journey

This training is specifically for women interested in working with me inside Holistic Fertility Method to bring their baby into this world in the next 6 months.

You just need to fill out this application to attend (& I'll be in touch about whether you've been accepted):


See you there, mama! 

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