Sep 28, 2020
E05: Unlearning To Learn
Play • 14 min

My brain is wired to pick up on rational data. I’m the kind of individual who walks into a room and notices that the chairs are not aligned, and that the pictures on the wall are not straight.  I can very easily miss out on emotional data.  I can very easily miss out on the tension that lies beneath the surface when the team is unhappy with a decision that I have made, or how a client has handled them. 

This is the way that I am wired.

But here's the thing - successful individuals understand that default settings aren't necessarily sufficient to get you to where you want to go. Successful people understand that they must practice cognitive flexibility moving from what comes naturally to what may feel uncomfortable because the situation requires it.

Practising Emotional Intelligence allows us to take back our power - to look at ourselves in the mirror and be honest about where we are whilst at the same time be optimistic about where we are going.

In this episode, I explore the power of naming our emotions.

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