Business Your Way
Business Your Way
May 10, 2022
Ep 33 - Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?
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Do I go for a walk or not?
Shall I have a smoothie for breakfast or a porridge bowl?
Do I wear the brown shoes or the black ones?
Exercise; yeah or nay?

And that’s before you arrive at your desk. Then it continues:

What are the top priorities of the day?
Who needs my attention?
Shall I write that email or reconcile my bank account first?

All the decision making that goes into a day, it’s exhausting!

As the day goes on, our decision-making skills go downhill quite fast, and that’s bad for business.

The problem is so common it has a name: ‘DECISION FATIGUE’.

The good news is there’s a simple answer called SELF-AUTOMATION. It takes the decision making out of the small tasks we perform every single day, freeing up our energy.

It works so well I’ve introduced a whole slew of self-automated routines in my personal life and in my business, and I’m sharing them with you on the podcast! 👇

My aim is to inspire you, so you too can start introducing routines to preserve your energy and improve productivity in your business too.

Need help? I’M ONLY A MESSAGE AWAY! Contact me about my one-on-one business coaching program “The Agency Boss Accelerator” and we’ll do it together, step by step.

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