Ep 32 - The 3 Elements to Improve Productivity
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Let’s chat about the tension we experience between our time, our energy and where we put our attention every single day we run our business, shall we!?

Time, Energy, and Attention are called ‘The 3 Elements Of Productivity’ and you get it... THEY ARE IMPORTANT!

When you think about it, as soon as we get either of these three wrong, our productivity takes a hit.

  • Not enough time? The stress goes through the roof and we get overwhelmed.
  • Not enough energy? We have to drag ourselves out of bed and we feel utterly exhausted.
  • No attention or focus? We flounder and get distracted.

None of these are good when your competition is putting on their A-game.

So how do we make sure we get the 3 elements of productivity spot on so we can be as productive as possible in our business?


You know there’s room for improvement with productivity in your business, but you just haven’t got it in you to drive the process? I’M HERE TO GET YOU THERE! Contact me about my one-on-one business coaching program “The Agency Boss Accelerator” and we’ll do it together, step by step.

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