Business Your Way
Business Your Way
Dec 14, 2021
Ep 12 - How to Deal With The Fear of Starting an Agency
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Jenny Suneson is a straight shooter.

Her business, The Savvy Podcast Agency, is very successful, but it didn’t just land in her lap. I really appreciate that she doesn’t go all woolly about her fears to start an agency. Nor is she sugar-coating the challenges she faced along the way.

It’s very refreshing to get the undiluted story; including the ins and outs of how Jenny runs her agency. It’s the sort of thing very few agency owners will talk about. Yet, it’s invaluable information if you’re thinking about starting an agency yourself, but you’re also utterly terrified to take the dive.

So if starting an agency freaks you out (or if you like looking over the fence at other businesses, like I do), this episode is for you!

Alternatively, you can read all about the ins and outs of starting an agency and Jenny’s personal experience on the Business Your Way blog post here. (


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