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Gary Goes Back Home to Give One of the Best Keynotes of His Career
Nov 7, 2019 · 1 hr 5 min
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Dropped some real FIRE in this keynote I gave in my home state of New Jersey! Went real deep in this episode on sharing my passion for happiness and living life for “you” - also I got a chance to cover some of my favorite themes and get into some fun Q&A at the end! What moment stuck out to you the most? Tweet me @GaryVee Topics From Today’s Episode: 1:15 | Real story pursuing happiness over money 3:00 | Saying the same s**t, waiting for you to hear it 8:30 | My ability to deal with judgement is my greatest strength 10:40 | People have their own zits, they’re not worried about yours 13:30 | Living life based on opinions of parents 19:00 | Underdog vibe 26:30 | Happiness has to be the North Star 28:45 | Our poison are our insecurities 34:40 | You have to be honest with yourself 39:30 | Why people buy lottery tickets — 40:45 | Q&A Begins 41:30 | You have to ASK 42:45 | My first business  44:30 | When you pass something, you make the decision to give up control 46:35 | Fundamental advertising advice 51:20 | The answer to so many questions is both 52:30 | Branding is communicating, while contextualize to the platform 55:00 | Humility and truth 56:00 | It’s all about communication 58:40 | You can always go back to the thing you don’t love 103:00 | Taking the leap
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