Collaboration in Conversation Design
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The Future is Spoken presents Daniel Suissa and Ilana Meir as this week's guest. 

Ilana Meir is a Conversation Designer at Facebook Reality Labs. There, she works with a cross-functional team with AR/VR technologies, namely Oculus and Portal. Ilana approaches her work with a cultural lens: first seeking to understand the cultural underpinnings of behaviour in a space and then how a new product will affect them. For her contributions to the design field and voice community, Speech Technology magazine named Ilana a "Speech Technology Luminary”.

Daniel Suissa is a software engineer at Facebook Reality Labs, working on knowledge bases for conversational AIs focusing on media-related interactions. He previously helped build the personal finance manager Exeq (acquired by RetailWorx), helping young folks understand their spending and connect with their favourite local merchants. Daniel comes from a background in data representation and understanding from the IDF, where I led a team of analysts that advised military leadership on resource management & strategy. 

Starting with their own experiences, they end up discussing collaboration in conversation design. 

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Conversation Highlights:

[00:01:39] Ilana’s journey towards conversation design

[00:03:01] Daniel’s journey into conversation design 

[00:05:34] how does the Interaction between designer and developers look?

[00:10:11] Learn from Daniel’s experience how developers can adapt to user centered approach 

[00:11:33] How is designing for scannability different from listenability? 

[00:13:31] Information Architecture in conversation design is key

[00:19:53] What is fun about working as a designer with a group of developers?

[00:21:11] Best practices to get into conversation design space

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