Designing Conversational Bots for Enterprise
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The Future is Spoken presents Greg Bennett as this week’s guest. Greg is Conversation Design Principal at Salesforce, leading the company’s first dedicated Conversation Design practice since its inception. As a linguist, Greg focuses his work on empowering businesses to create chatbots that feel natural and helpful, build user trust, and meet customer expectations for conversational behavior. Greg works with Salesforce’s Product teams, customers, and partners to tailor their conversation designs for cross-cultural differences across channels and user populations, as well as how to effectively express personality or conversational style.

 Starting with their own experiences, they end up discussing about designing conversational bots for enterprise.

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 Conversation Highlights:

[00:32] From Linguistics to Conversational AI

  • Greg's academic background is in linguistics. He studied linguistics for his undergraduate and graduate work.
  •  Linguistics is the science of how language works in practice. He also talks about the design principles that they teach bots to accomplish a particular outcome.
  •  Linguistics is getting famous with Conversional designing.
  •  [03:38] Greg's work at Salesforce!
  • Greg talks about the approach of Salesforce towards developing Einstein Bot platform. He also explains how they are ensuring the growth of this technology.
  • Einstein is an NLU technology that trains chatbots to create a learning model. The learning model helps chatbots created with Salesforce understand customer interactions in a chat window.
  • Are there any plans for voice enabling?
  • Greg also elaborates on the use cases of Einstein Bots in the enterprise world.

[12:26] Benefits of using Enterprise Bots 

  • Greg speaks about 'How bots fit in the benefits of a company?' 
  • Conversational Bots provide you a better way to show the constomers what your institution is all about. 
  • He sheds the light on the need to make sure that they reflect your brand.

 [16:34] Creating your Bot…..

  • Greg touches on the customizability of the Einstein Bots. He also talk about the response rate of an Einstein Bot.
  • He discusses about the Intro Template Bot. It provides the Salesforce Administrators the ability to launch a bot from the templates.
  • How will the customers know to how to design their bots? 
  • Greg also elaborates on the building blocks in designing a Conversional Bot. From the overall implementation perspective, components depends on what your end goal is! 
  • Greg explains about best practices someone need to consider when designing a conversational AI.

 [37:43] Choosing the right options!

  • Greg talks about the deciding what to choose and what not to? He is, as a Conversational Designer, biased about the importance of data in choosing the right options.
  • He also touches on how to end the conversation and answer questions like,"Should you always end a conversation with a question?" 
  • What about ending the Conversion?
  • Everything has a variation, so as Conversational Designer you can use it as an advantage to create an unforgettable experience.

 [46:08] Ensuring to stick with your branding traits

  • For Greg, it's about creating a list of what fits within the brand. He explains about creating a repository of all the different ways he could acknowledge the receipt of information.
  • He also shares his experience of working on Cortana and compares it with developing a enterprise Bot.

 [50:16] Measuring the User's Trust

  •  Greg talks about the different ways to measure the user's conversation with the Bot.
  • If you wan

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