Paths Into Voice Interaction Design
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In today’s episode Rebecca Evanhoe, a conversation designer and strategist, discusses pathways into voice interaction design, also called conversational design.

Based in New York, Rebecca’s own journey into conversational design is a fascinating story. It starts with a chemistry degree and then a master of fine arts in fiction writing.

These diverse fields of study illustrate the spectrum of learning one can bring to conversational design. An entrant to voice design doesn't need only a technical or coding background, although it can help, too!

Rebecca says that regardless of work experience or academic background, an individual entering the field of conversation design must be curious about everything.

"People get into voice design are really drawn to the right-brain-left-brain combination that the work requires. In my background, you can see reflected, with science and writing degrees," says Rebecca.

You also need to be really interested in teaching yourself and learning new things, and be comfortable working independently or in a team environment.

Rebecca shares a lot more about the backgrounds and work experience that are welcome in the growing voice design industry.

The Future is Spoken is the podcast for The Digital Assistant Academy. The Academy offers its first course, Voice Interaction Design, in October, 2020. Register before Oct. 16 for a 15 percent discount using the code DALAUNCH.

Rebecca also shares many insights into entering voice interaction design, and talks about the qualities needed to succeed in this field. She’s interviewed by host Sheelagh Caygill.

Show notes

My twitter handle: @revanhoe  

Diana Deibel's Twitter: @dianadoesthis 

Women in Voice -

Rosenfeld Media's launch page for Rebecca and Diana's upcoming book -

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