The Queer Hero's Journey with Sister Unity
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Blessings from Sister Unity. 

Sister Unity and I met more than 25 years ago at a photo shoot where the boys were naked and the sisters were in full, clownlike “face”: bright-colored heretical nun gear.

We were shooting for a “cooking calendar” fundraiser. I stood on set naked while Sister Unity drew the Ohm symbol on my right butt cheek in cake frosting. It was a wonderful beginning.

Later I noticed this incredible being, along with the other Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence providing rituals in unusual places like bars and leather contests.

In addition to her hilarity, she brings deep spiritual centeredness that emanates from her open heart and Hindu practice.

Please listen closely as she outlines the Hero’s Journey and how it applies to queer people. 

You'll hear her mentioned Hamlet, Ram Dass and the Tao, all while making us laugh and reflect on our inner queer lives. She listens deeply, and that listening touches people's hearts. Especially, the hearts of those who know we are “the other.”

Ultimately, she leaves us feeling better about our queer self.

Episode Chapters:

  • Coming of Age in the Age of AIDS [3:34]
  • Losing my virginity and coming out [4:42]
  • Queer Hero’s Journey [9:15]
  • The fate of remaining in the closet [12:29]
  • The transformational power of queer kids [14:49]
  • The Ego [18:43]
  • Blueberry Yoga & Being Confounded [31:20]
  • A Sisters’ Blessing  [35:15
  • The Sister’s un-fuck the Shit [37:01]
  • Who is Sister Unity [39:54]
  • Toxic Masculinity [46:58]
  • Use Intuition to Define Family [53:02]

Episode Resources:

You can find Sister Unity on

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

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