Crafting a compelling product vision | Ebi Atawodi (YouTube, Netflix, Uber)
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Ebi Atawodi is Director of Product Management for the Creator Experience at YouTube, former Head of Product at Uber, and a former Director of Product (Payments and EMEA) at Netflix. Known for crafting a strong, unified vision, Ebi empowers her teams to achieve outsized outcomes. In today’s episode, we go deep into vision and strategy, including:

• The four key elements of a good vision statement

• Three ways to determine your mission

• The four pillars of great product management

• How writing helps you gain clarity

• How culture influences product

• Tips on how to structure a strategy session

• Advice on building team culture and improving work relationships

• What’s coming soon at YouTube

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In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) Ebi’s background

(04:31) Four key elements of a product vision

(08:14) Examples of lofty but attainable visions

(11:43) Vision vs. mission 

(13:23) Examples of visions and missions from notable companies

(15:00) A simple framework for outlining a vision 

(20:51) Other methods for outlining a vision 

(23:29) The impact of writing clear headlines

(26:41) Using mockups to frame your vision

(28:24) A step-by-step approach to developing a vision

(32:58) Ebi’s “10 Things” document

(37:47) A quick summary of Ebi’s tips

(40:56) How to use the “10 Things” doc in a strategy session

(43:11) The three concentric circles of evangelizing 

(47:48) The cadence of developing a vision and bringing it to life

(49:26) Visions vs. micro visions

(52:58) First steps in developing a vision

(55:12) Infrastructure is the product

(56:39) Clarity and conviction, the main jobs of PMs

(59:58) Ebi’s narrative doc

(1:04:59) Conviction, its role in the job, and how to build it

(1:08:20) How to build company culture

(1:17:06) The monolithic culture at Uber

(1:19:09) The culture Ebi embeds in her teams

(1:23:58) How to evaluate your relationship with your engineering manager 

(1:26:02) What’s new at YouTube

(1:29:22) Ebi’s closing thoughts

(1:30:45) Lightning round


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• Microsoft’s vision and mission:

• Tesla’s mission statement:

• Lyft’s mission on Comparably:

• Ebi’s playbooks and templates:

• Working Backwards Press Release Template and Example:

• Patrick Collison on X:

Seinfeld meme:

• Travis Kalanick on LinkedIn:

• Wimdu:

• Leaving big tech to build the #1 technology newsletter | Gergely Orosz (The Pragmatic Engineer):

The 48 Laws of Power:

The God of Small Things:

Outliers: The Story of Success:

All About Love:

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• Sleep Cycle:

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• “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley:

• Burning Man:

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