Episode 25: What Works for Your Team, Not What Works for the Economy — Chett Garcia
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Chett Garcia is an Associate Partner at Arete Partners, an executive search firm for VP, Head of, & Director talent at VC-backed startups. Chett is different from most recruiters because he approaches candidates with a people-first mentality. He’s been in this remote role for over three years and shares some of the challenges that have been uplifted now that we are in a more open digital economy.
Key Takeaways
According to the Fed, the economy as we know it might be over.
It’s time to find that new dream job in this economy.
Chett went from being a math teacher to a remote employee three years ago.
Why did Chett decide to move out of Philly?
People have life happening intermixed with their day-to-day work. Pandemic work is not technically considered remote work.
As a recruiter, how does Chett approach his job differently?
What’s been the landscape so far in regards to what Chett’s clients are looking for in more senior executive roles?
Larry has a feeling this is only going to allow clients to attract talent outside of the U.S. in an easier fashion.
It’s a big leap for a lot of executives to uproot their family and move to a different state, making it even harder to fill top-tier positions.
How does Chett mitigate the risks of finding talent that’s a good culture/relocation fit for his clients?
Where is this landscape headed in the next five years? Work is going to be a lot more fun!
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The economy as we knew it might be over, Fed Chairman says (https://edition.cnn.com/2020/11/12/economy/economy-after-covid-powell/index.html)
Special Guest: Chett Garcia.

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