Episode 10: Tips for Conquering Productivity While at Home With the Kids
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We have a listener question! What can executives do to better support their people while they work from home? Distractions, children at home, house chores; it’s a lot to handle. Anna, Trip, and Larry offer suggestions on how to best navigate this and get your best work done. Do you have a question for your co-hosts? Shoot us an email. We would love to hear from you!
Key Takeaways
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Trip plays an audio clip from a listener on his fancy-pants audio equipment rig.
Lance asks: As an executive, how do you help make the remote transition easier on your team?
There is a very real sense of isolation happening, plus you get a lot of distractions happening as work and life get mixed.
Apple was the first and very last time Larry had an office.
What is distraction, really?
If you’re not a morning person, don’t get up at 6 a.m. You don’t have to do that.
Figure out when you’re most productive.
Realistically, people only get in about 20 hours of work in the office. This is why people feel incredibly tired right now because they’re working double their ‘standard’ capacity.
You can give a task everything that it can possibly take, and it can want more.
Pomodoro technique has worked wonders for productivity, especially when you know certain tasks are time pits.
You have to educate your children on what a true emergency is.
How can parents work with their children at home, but also at the same time not ignore them all day?
Your co-hosts share tips on how to best manage distractions at home.
Don’t worry about the timesheet, worry about the quality of work/productivity being done.
Communicate with your meeting participants that you might have your kids here in the background. People are usually very understanding!
You can create visible schedules for your entire household so everybody knows who’s going to be on a call or free to chat.
As an executive or manager, this is not a solo effort. Talk to your teammates. Share these tips with them!
This remote stuff is cheaper, but it’s not free.
The money companies are saving from office locations can be reallocated into their remote team. This includes childcare and other creative solutions. These small investments can help a lot for your staff that’s struggling. Find custom ways to support them.
This pandemic is far from over.
Culture change requires intentionality.
What can people do if they’re living in a small space or don’t have a car?
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Seriously, reach out. We want to help people succeed with this.
Lance shares his thoughts about the first Brave New Workforce episode: Viva La Revolution.
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