Episode 31: Thinking Bigger: What’s Next For Brave New Workforce in 2021
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Trip, Anna, and Larry are back with a “solo” episode to discuss what they're hopeful for in the new year and where they see this podcast going for 2021. People are excited and they want to move where they’re treated best. It’s no longer a pipedream, so how can you get ahead of the curve before places like Austin and Miami become the next Silicon Valley?
Key Takeaways
The positives of 2021! Larry shares why he’s hopeful.
People are hopeful! They can relocate and it’s no longer a pipedream.
Majors are smart and they’re opening their arms up to the possibilities of new transplants.
What’s the “new” in the Brave New Workforce?
Anna recaps what last year’s theme was.
Okay, “what’s next”? Let’s think proactively.
Shoutout to our amazing editor — Albie!
Some of our January episodes have already been released. Go back and check them out!
Your co-hosts are interested in getting some crypto guys on the podcast plus more future-of-education talks and other resources.
Trip and his wife are struggling with online education.
Who’s getting it right in our current environment? Larry weighs in.
Everyone is moving to Austin, Texas.
Are you in government? It’s time to step up fast or you’ll be outbid.
Elon’s moving but what’s happening with The Boring Company?
How will politicians and municipalities make their city the “no duh” choice when it comes to people who are ready to vote with their feet?
“Must be nice to be a knowledge worker.” What about the blue collared guy? Relocation is in your cards too!
The time is now to move quickly.
Google employees have now formed a union. This is the first time this has happened in tech.
When you hire people in different states, questions are being asked on unemployment and IP laws. No one knows exactly how this is all going to work.
We are seeing a lot more empowerment of the employee.
Is Larry going to be relocating to Florida?
What’s so appealing about Miami right now?
Why are you waiting till retirement to live the life that you want to live?
Ask bigger questions for what you want out of your career, out of life, and out of your environment.
Interested in being on the show? Let us know. Let’s talk.
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