Episode 16: Brave New Apprentices — A Better Internship Model That Unleashes Young Talent to Do Their Best Work
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AnaMichele Morejon is one of The Brave New Workforce’s apprentices this summer and boy, has she learned a lot. AnaMichele is in her second year of college, but this was the first time she was given complete autonomy and ownership over the tasks she was doing with the team. And boy, has Trip’s mentoring and guidance created a monster. We find out what AnaMichele learned about working remotely!
Key Takeaways
AnaMichele, one of our Brave New Apprentices, joins the show to share her experiences with working remotely this summer.
AnaMichele is in university currently and she is a film and TV production and theology double major with a minor in studio arts.
What did AnaMichele learn this summer about working remotely?
AnaMichele was happy she could focus on learning the things she wanted to learn and the Brave New Workforce was more than happy to work with her on it.
Any good manager listens to their people and helps them achieve tasks they want to do.
Trip has created a monster! AnaMichele’s ownership and attention to detail really excelled throughout this internship when she felt comfortable about the quality of work she was producing.
AnaMichele works when she’s most productive, which happens to be very late at night. What does her family think about this?
AnaMichele is excited for the future, especially now that she knows she can work remotely.
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