Episode 5: Pants Optional: Interviewing for the Job You Want — Remotely!
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Meeting fatigue is very real now that we’re all doing things digitally. If you’re on the job market and looking to get hired remotely, Larry, Trip, and Anna share their tips on how to give a good first digital impression. They cover how to practice for an interview, to improve your energy levels, and to think about having a backup plan when technology fails.
Key Takeaways
How do you present yourself in a positive light while conducting job interviews remotely?
Some people in tech look down on you because you wore a tie to an in-person interview!
Anna shares how you can make a good first impression from a distance.
Why shower for a video meeting?
What are the subtle differences between a remote interview vs. an in-person interview?
15-20 minutes before a meeting, Anna will make sure all her equipment (sound, camera, etc) is working.
It might not come naturally, but being able to express yourself/emote while looking at a screen can go a long way.
Move your body. The voice reacts to your movements.
How do you convey who you actually are over video?
Larry positions the webcam strategically so that you’re looking at the person when talking to them.
Larry has had software and computers fail him; he offers tips on how to properly prepare for that.
Power stances help greatly to build confidence and bring positive energy.
Trip finds when you’re prepared, you have more confidence and you’re ready to tackle what’s thrown at you.
It’s important to remember that forgiveness needs to happen on both sides. From a manager’s side, does it really matter if your employee or teammate is not smiling on the video?
As a hiring manager, you’re interviewing hundreds of people, the candidate might not be as familiar with this online stuff as you are.
Do all meetings have to have video required?
Record yourself to get the video practice you need. Practice makes perfect.
Thebraveworkforce.com (http://thebraveworkforce.com/)
Bravenewcompanies.com (http://bravenewcompanies.com/)
TED Talk — Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are (https://www.ted.com/talks/amy_cuddy_your_body_language_may_shape_who_you_are?language=en)

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