Episode 33: Dr. Julie Albright — The Digital Revolution and How It’s Reshaping The American Dream Part 1
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Dr. Julie Albright is a Sociologist specializing in digital culture and communications. Dr. Julie is currently a Lecturer in the departments of Applied Psychology and Engineering at USC, where she teaches Master’s-level courses on the Psychology of Interactive Technologies and Sustainable Infrastructure. Dr. Julie is also the author of Left to Their Own Device, which discusses how the digital transformation is impacting our economy. This is part one out of a two-part series with Dr. Julie!
Key Takeaways
Students are experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression — the highest rates in 30 years. What’s going on?
Our younger generation is unhooking from social structures like family, church, clubs, etc. They are now hyper-attached to digital technology.
We are becoming untethered.
The pandemic turned our use of technology into a “must-have” and this has accelerated the mental health decline.
Anna is making new connections online but is having a hard time following up with them and strengthening these connections.
People are going back to who they know because it’s tried and true.
How do we create casual moments in a digital format that builds trust?
We’ve got old monkey brains with new technology.
Millennials are the most likely cohort to see themselves as a citizen of the world.
48% of Millennials are freelancing, which can cut them loose from physical workplaces.
Technology is truly amazing. On TikTok, Dr. Julie has been introduced to an African man showing his tribe, what he eats, and his family.
We are seeing an outflow of cites on a worldwide scale. It’s not just happening in the U.S.
If we had to start all over, what would life be like?
Technology is there to make our lives fun and helpful, but it’s not the whole picture.
Stay tuned to next week’s episode with Dr. Julie!
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Special Guest: Dr. Julie M. Albright.

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